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April/May . . . Indefinite Stay in the Island 2017

IOTA OC-119 Jolo Sulu

Please DO NOT send your cards direct to me or via the Bureau - They are not required.

Please QSL ONLY via M0OXO OQRS or M0OXO by Direct Post Mail.

Currently in the island group of Jolo, Sulu (OC-119) with

grid locator of PJ06MB.

I brought with me my K3, KPA500 and KAT3 tuner. Antenna is 40-10M

vertical with lots of radials. The present qth is inside a military camp,

the only safest area to stay until the end of May. Not very near the salt water,

as with previous IOTA activations. The present peace situation is very critical,

surrounded by lots of not so peace inclined individuals such as

ISIS affiliated groups of Abu Sayaff, Maute and other

foreign terrorist organization.

So if you hear me qrv very very intermittently, please be

reminded that I am also preserving my life and next is ham radio.

I can't enjoy the hobby without my life (pun intended).

The Jolo Island group is the 2nd rarest group in the Philippines,

previous activation was almost two decades ago. For obvious reasons,

if I can't activate this now, I am not very optimistic that there would be activation

by anyone not connected or affiliated to the Philippine military.

On a lighter note, this island is very beautiful, with lots of sea resources,

delicious fruits and wild animals. The beaches are so pristine.

Without the presence of Kidnap for Ramsom(KFR) groups,

this would be one of the best place to visit as dive sites are top notch.

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