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CW-Philippines Inc .

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DZ4C (OC-202)

Tinaga Island, Calaguas Group of Islands, Camarines Norte, The Philippines

It took a month and seven years for the comeback of the new CWPhilippines Inc.into the world of DXpedition. The last was in March 11 -13, 2011 at Polillo Island, Quezon Province.DZ1P (OC-091). It went on airwhile a deadly tsunami hit Japan.

After three months of research, looking for logistics and preparation of equipments, the CWPhilippines DXpedition Team to the Calaguas finally left their Club Station, DX1CW on March 10, 2017 for an 8 Hour drive and 3hour boat ride to the biggest island in Calaguas, Tinaga.

The DZ4C Team includes:

1. 4F1GNW, Andrew Dee, President of CWPhils Inc 2017-2018

2. 4F1OZ, Edward Soriano, Past President of CWPhils Inc.; Club Trustee DX1CW

3. 4F1COP, Hernani Lopez, Past President of CWPhils Inc.

4. 4F2KWT, Gil Lappay

5. Neng Soriano, xyl

6. Jacq Dee, xyl

7. Frank Toplak, VE7DP,QSL Manager for DZ4C

Despite the poor propagation during the 48 hourDX, the team was able to manage a descent 1,245 contacts. It was definitely a weekend of fulfillment, fun and camaraderie.



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