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QSL: via DJ5NQ

Frank DJ5NQ

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 10790

QSL via DJ5NQ, Bureau or direct.

QSL Infos see page of DJ5NQ.

Many thanks to Andy E51AND to let me use his station and

for the designing of this page.

I will be active again form 1. Mar 2017 to 24 Mar 2017, working holyday style and mostly CW.

73 Frank

Shack at E51AND: Icom 756 Pro; Ameritron AL1200 Amplifier; Palstar AT-Auto tuner

E51AND Antennas: KLM 5 elem 20m Yagi at 23m; Tennadyne T7 Log Periodic at 26m; OCF Dipole all band at 23m;
Alpha Delta slopers for 40, 80 and 160m

. . . . And here is a look at Rarotonga from the air . . .

Avatiu Harbour (foreground) and Avarua Harbour (background)

Views around the island . . . The Golf Club at Nikao

Views around the island . . . . . Muri Lagoon

Beaches . . . . . . .

And Sunsets

. . . . and more of the Island . . . The SV Picton Castle sets sail

Wigmore's Waterfall

. . . and Cook Island Dancers


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