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Richard Lemke

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E51WWA/AD7AF is back at the home QTH. The E51WWA 2017 logs have been uploaded to LoTW (on 30 Jan.) and to Clublog (on 31 Jan.). Direct QSL requests are being answered. 3058 QSO's were logged, 15-80 meters. Only 27 80 meter QSO's were logged, but 15 meters had some good openings. With my wife along, normal breakfast and dinner hours tend to coincide with gray-line openings so a lot of opportunities are lost, sorry about that. 73, Dick 1 Feb 2017

E51WWA plans to be active again from the Kii Kii Motel and Suites on Rarotonga from about 9 January 2017 until about 26 January. Activity will be on 10 - 80 meters CW and SSB. As in 2010, the rig is a K3 with vertical antennas and inverted L's on 40 and 80 next to the salt water. Operations will be more "holiday style" than a marathon. Internet is expensive and can be spotty on Rarotonga, so the log may not get loaded onto LoTW until my return to the U.S.A. I will load the log onto Club Log whenever I have time and good internet is available. QSL Direct via AD7AF. 73 es GL, Dick

E51WWAwas active from Rarotonga, South Cook Islands from about 12 January 2010 into31 January2010. Most activity was CW on 40 through 15 meters. SSB and digital modes will be used as propagation conditions allow. 80 and 10 meter bands will be used if conditions are favorable. The rig is a K3, barefoot, with vertical and horizontal wire antennas. E51WWA log for January 2010 has been loaded into LoTW. The first QSL cards have been mailed, as of3 March, 2010.

E51WWB will be QRV on Manihiki, North Cook Is. from about 3 thru 15 Feb, 2010; see E51WWB page on QRZ dot com.

E51WWA was active in the South Cook Islands from 27 January 2008 through 23 February 2008. From 9 February through 20 February 2008, E51WWA was active on Mauke OC 083 (S. Cooks). All other activity was from Rarotonga OC 013 (S. Cooks).

QSL via AD7AF. U.S.A. QSL requests, please include a S.A.S.E.Requests from outside the U.S.A., please include a self-addressed envelope and green stamps or an IRC for the return postage. International QSL Bureau card requests will be honored. Please, no USA Bureau card requests, they will not be honored. USA direct only. Thank you for your help and patience.


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