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European Space Agency (ESA) - Cebreros Ground Station

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 6358

EG1ESA is the temporary callsign for the activation at the European Space Agency (ESA) - Cebreros Satellite Tracking Station in Cebreros (vila), Spain. (Grid locator: IN70tk)

ESA logo EU Flag

We will be on the air only from the 18th of September until the 6th of October 2017.
The chief operator will be Javier Roldan EA1HEO helped by Age-Raymond Riise LA5PMA.
Javier EA1HEO (left) and Age LA5PMA (right) inside a Cebreros telescope where ham equipment was hosted

The contacts will be valid for:
- the ESA Amateur Radio Award (2 points per first QSO per mode and band)
- the URE Diploma Municipios Espanoles (DME). Reference Cebreros 05057

QSL policy:
- Electronic QSL:
All the QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, Clublog,HRDLog and
02/11/2017: Upload completed
I prefer electronic QSLs as they are faster, cheaper, easier to archive and they are more friendly to the environment.

- Paper QSL:
I will also support paper QSL both via Bureau and Direct (in both cases via DL0ESA). (Thanks to DARC F42 Griesheim).
If direct, please include SASE (1 USD Europe, 2 USD outside Europe)).
Please note that we will only use paper QSL to reply to the paper QSLs we receive in Germany.

02/11/2017: Paper QSL design in process. Direct & bureau mailing expected/planned in January 2018

Working conditions:
- Antennas:
Homemade crossed dipoles with commecial balum for 40 & 80m mounted on a 25m metallic mast

Homemade vertical monopole with 4 elevated radials for 20m mounted on a 12m fiber telescopic mast

Crossed dipoles EG!ESA 20m monopole with elevated radials antenna on 12m fiber glass telescopic mast

- Equipment:
Transceiver: Yaesu FT-817ND

Power Amplifier: Microset 27-200T (aprox. 200W) + Filter for 20m
Power supply 30A
USB interface II for digital modes
Laptop Lenovo T400 for logging + digital modes (HRD + TM780). No internet.
EG1ESA shack

Planned schedule:
I will try to be on the air daily (Monday to Friday) in the evening after work (18:00 - 23:00 UTC aprox) both in SSB and in digital modes. (Note: Digital modes will be mainly PSK31 and RTTY as QRP).

Javier Operating EG1ESA on 2017/09/28

LOG analisys & statistics:
Below you can check if you are in our log. (I upload the QSOs typically the following morning after each operation)

Detailed SH5 overall activity statistics and world map of stations contacted

Map with all the stations contacted by EG1ESA

...and also SH5 statistics per day:

Week1 Week 2 Week3
2017/09/25 2017/10/02
2017/09/19 2017/09/26 2017/10/03
2017/09/20 2017/09/27 2017/10/04
2017/09/21 2017/09/28 2017/10/05

and basic HRDlog overall activity statistics.

Video of Javier (EA1HEO) operating EG1ESA from Cebreros inside the telescope building where we hosted the ham equipment.

The cluster spots statistics for EG1ESA can be found here. Thanks to all the ham radio colleagues who spotted us! Some days the pile-up was quite challenging... but of course also lots of fun!

Last night at the station we also did some ham satellite tracking!
Homemade quadrifilix helicoiday antenna for VHFQFH antenna SWR
FO-29 tracking from Cebreros. CW

Cebreros 35m dish antenna used for Tracking, Telemetry and Telecomand of deep space missions (mainly ESA but also some crossed support to NASA missions)
Cebreros 35m Dish Antenna

Mounting and dismounting the set-up:

Javier and Age after mounting completedAge helping dismount the crossed dipoles

I would like to thank the Cebreros Maintenance and Operations team for their support in the set-up, the security guards and the ESOC colleagues who helped in the dismounting.


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