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Declan ( Dec ) S

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e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:NO

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NO BUREAU. NO BUREAU. NO.BUREAU....... I DO NOT USE BUREAU @ all.... Thanks in Advance for understanding .

Hi there and thanks for having a look in and if wehad a qso it was nice to meet with you on the Air.

I have had an intrest in radio from the young age of 14yrs old when i managed to get my self a Handic 230 40ch and mag mount and at the time the world was my Oyster.

But little did i know where it would take me.

Dx was the best thing since sliced bread.hi hi

I made many friends on radio on 11m and if not for 11m i would not be On air today.

So hope to work you some day/nite on some band.

When i reveive Direct QslI reply Qsl same Day

Working conds are.

Yaesu FTDX 9000-D Back up rig FT-1000-D YaesuFT-900.

YaesuFT-8900 for vhf/uhf and FT 847

Heil Gold line . HeilPro.set. Hc4. Yaesu MD 200

Icom 7000 in mobile. Antenna on Suv is Stealth 9300 10m to 160m & great antenna.

And Icom 2820 should be on D-star from Mobile soon waiting on Dv-mega unit for mobile

Now have the Icom IC-7100 & started useing D-star & liking itsmiley
So hope to have a qso on D-star also

Kenwood Th7e vhf/uhf H/H Also A Yaesu FT50


Steppir 4elm with Ad on for 40m. @ 15m

A99 for 10M @ 16m And the A99 works very well on 12m & 15m & 17m Digi

G5RV Sloped east to west

Also i have Home made Dipole same size as windom running north to south

Watson 2000 for 50mhz Vhf/Uhf @17m & Cushcraft AR-270 VHF/UHF

For 6m i have A506S 6elm @17m Also Cuscraft AR-6 6m Ringo ranger Vertical

Any SWL qsl,s are welcome. Dir qsl with $1 And Qsl received direct will be in return post same day once Post office is open Hi Hi

For DIGI Mode QSL For direct QSL please $1 OR QSO will be uploaded to LOTW &

!!! If no $ or Irc No reply to Qsl !!!

Confirmed AG on so i can reply via Eqsl now !!!!! I UPLOAD REGULAR MY FULL LOG TO LoTW

And And

Please dont send qsl Via Bureau as it will not be replyed to i have stated i DO NOT USE BUREAU so please dont think qsl might come it wont Sorry.
If i want qsl from that Dxcc i will send first. If you want from its only fair to send $1


Above is View From tower @ 19m Level with Steppir 4elm

My call in CN__CN2JB in 2009.


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