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25 Years Of Volyn Amateur Radio League

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
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lookups: 3286

Date QTH Op
Turijsk, URDA: VO-19, Loc: KO21FC UT1PA
Prypiat-Stokhid NP, URFF-0060
URDA: VO-12, Loc: KO21SS

Special event call - 25th anniversary of
Volyn Amateur Radio League

We will be work in 2017 using these calls:

EO25P - EO25PA - EO25PD - EO25PG - EO25PL - EO25PQ - EO25PY - EO25PZ - EO25PWC - EO25PWJ - EO25PWL

During the period of January 1, 2017 & December 31, 2017 you can make QSOs which are valid for the Volyn Amateur Radio League - 25 years diploma.

It is nessesary to claim at least 25 points in Europe and for all others 15 points.

Also, QSO`s with:
- Special event stations EO25P, EO25PA, EO25PD, EO25PG, EO25PL, EO25PQ, EO25PY, EO25PZ, EO25PWC, EO25PWJ, EO25PWL - 3 points
- Contacts with club stations (EN7P, UR4PWB, UR4PWC, UR4PWF, UR4PWJ, UR4PWL, UR4PWU, UR4PXH) give 2 points
- QSO/SWL with individual stations in Volyn region (see full list ) - 1 point

Duplicate contacts are allowed but only if on different bands and modes.

The special diploma is issued in electronic format (JPG - it's free) and paper (you pay postage).
For paper diploma, applicants must pay the postage costs which are:
- Ukraine - 20 UAH
- Other - 5 USD (or equivalent)

GCR-list and the payment should be sent to: Vladimir Kiselev, P.O.Box 21, Kovel-8, 45008, Ukraine
The application for the diploma in electronic format should be sent by e-mail: ut1pg{AT}

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