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QSL: bureau/direct via SP9KAT

DXPEDITION 23rd-28th of April 2017 by SP9KAT DX TEAM

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Please find our intro picturesfrom Moldova below

Part 1
Part 2
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DXpedition toRepublicof Moldova(23rd-28th ofApril2017)

QTH: Donici(loc. KN47IG)

Radio Club Beskidzki SP9KAT from Bielsko-Biaa, Poland following successful expeditions to Crete (SX9PL) in 2015 and Georgia (4L9PL)in 2016is organizing next low budget Dxpedition, this time to Republic of Moldova. Please notethat it will bea holiday style Dxpedition.We are going to soak the local unique atmosphere lost in time, relax andtrysome good Moldavian wines as well:). There will be a problem with Internet access on site, so please be patient regarding Clublogupdates etc. Our QTH Donici is a small place.In this village people still live as they did 50-100 years ago in most of Europe...

The station will be active on HF bands from 3.5 to 28 MHzusing CW, SSB and DIGI modes (please find DX Clusterinformations about current QRG during event).

The expedition will be active as ER0PL/P and ER0PL/M from suchplaces as: Sorocaby DniesterRiver, Movila Magura (SOTA),Old Orhei, Milestii Mici and Gagauzia also.

Quite a lot of equipment will go by minibus to Republic of Moldova (approx. 1200km from Bielsko-Biaa, Poland): threetransceivers including QRP, rechargeable batteries,antennas: Delta by MOPLK, home made Yagi 14-28MHz, Rybakov, Mini-Delta, Dipole for 80 metres bandand tested mobile antennaScrewdriver RIG-9type by SP9RIG. Moldova 2017 is a low budget type of Dxpedition funded by private means of amateurs. SP9KAT club station will cover the costs of QSL cards and expedition t-shirts.

Hope to hear You on amateur bands from Moldova:).

Vy 73's de SP9KAT DX TEAM

Below scans of our technical permit andlicense:

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