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Gleaston Water Mill - Furness Amateur RS

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Special call sign issued for Gleaston Water Mill, a historic corn mill in working order and open to the publicApril to end SeptemberWednesdays - Sundays and most public holidays.
the callis also usedfor National Mills Weekend which takes place on the second weekend of May each year.
The mill is also used as a venue for the Furness Amateur Radio Society (FARS) and is the personal QTH for the owner Mike Brereton (G8ALE).
Weuse an Icom7300feeding a permanent 160m D loop aerial for the HF bands and Kenwood multimode feeding a 2m colinear located on a mast the the rear of the mill.
Visiting licensed amateur are welcome to operate from this QTH, but please let us have prior notice if possible.
Tel: +44 (0)1229 869244 -


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