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Her Majesty's'Royal Mint Experience'Special Event, GB4RME,Sunday30 July - Saturday5 August 2017

The Special Event

Members of the Barry Amateur Radio Society were active from the Royal Mint at Llantrisant, South Wales, UK withthe callGB4RMEbetween Sunday30 July and Saturday5 August 2017.This special event station was aworld first,operating from withina Mint, and a Royal one at that.

Royal Mint Experience

The Royal Mint Experience comprises a welcome area a pre-show presentation, aninteractive exhibition, a guided factory experience, gift shop and cafe, and you can strike your own coin too. We had a large room off the exhibition area toinstall our stations, as well as a large screen display of all the countries we contacted. Children had the chance to win a Morse Code Certificate if they learnt to send their name on a straight morse key.

The Royal Mint Experienceis open seven days a week from 09.30 - 17.00hrs and we were operating during these times.Click on the Royal Mint Experience Logo for their website and full details.

Team Members

Glyn GW0ANA, Team Leader,BrianGW0PUP,BobGW0WKR, NigelGW1CUQ,KenGW1FKY (Satellite),RichGW4BVJ,Phil MW0DHF,Bernie MW0GBW, ChrisMW0XFU,Ken 2W0KPH, James 2W0JYI&Jack MW6JRI.


Activity was on CW, SSB,JT65, PSK31 and WSPR, plus Satellite operations.


We used Rich's Ten Tec Omni VI+ and Hercules II 500W Linear Amplifierfor CW with SDX logging, Bernie's Icom IC-7600 with Ham Radio Deluxe for the digital modes, Phil's Yaesu FT-2000 station running 200W for SSB with Wintestlogging, and Ken's portable satellite equipment.


We used a25ft Gemie Powered Access to supportRich's new G3TXQ 6-Band Hexbeam antenna by MW0JZE with an Alfa Spid RAU Rotator, 35ft Pump-upwith a Hyend 67ft tuned end fed wire, wealso had a Husler 6-BTV multi-bandvertical antenna with full set of radials.

QSL Info

Our GB4RME log has been uploaded to LoTW and CLUBLOG, andGlyn has dispatched actual QSL cards to theRSGB QSL Buro. The buro cards are going to everyone, Glyn said 'I did this as being a "World First" I wanted all contacts to have a card'.

News:6 July 2017

Glyn informed us that the QSL Card has been finalised, as had the Polo Shirts.

Weoffered thiscertificate to children who learnt to send their namein morse code, after a short training session. It was incredibly popular, well done Glyn!

News: 18 July 2017

This meeting wasattended by most of the team and Chaired by Glyn GW0ANA. We discussed howimportant and prestigeous this event is for BARSand the RSGB and that our primary goal is to promote the Royal Mint by getting the public and especially any children involved.

We were identifiable by our special event polo shirts as photographed above. We discussed layout, desks, power, logging programmes, equipment, antennas, operators,cabling, dress, welfare, security, installation andoperating times. In view of the rather poor conditions we decided to maximise our output as necessary and we visited the site again on Monday 24 July 2017 to run through the install a final time and to see if the Hexbeam would work as well as the Hustler vertical.

News: 21 July 2017

Glyn GW0ANA received this amendedjoint Press Releasefrom The Royal Mint and the RSGB. Wethanked Claire Evans, Marketing, The Royal Mint and Heather Parsons, RSGB Communications Manager.

News: 24 July 2017

On-site meeting, we ran through our installation with the senior members of staff. I am pleased to say Bob GW0WKR got the okay to oganisea 40ft Genie lift and we used the G3TXQ Hexbeam by MW0JZEon top. We should have been agood signal on the HF bands. Glyn GW0ANA, Bob GW0WKR, Ken GW1FKY, Rich GW4BVJ and Chris MW0XFU were present. We checked out the large classroom we used with easy access through double doors.

I listened to the radio environment this morning outside the building on my Santec Jim 20m QRPportable transceiver fitted with a Mizuho AN-14 loaded whip, I heard an OK2 station with lovely CW coming in with zero background noise, so that was reassuring.Our next trip was on 08.30 Saturday 29 July to install everything.

News:31 July 2017

We have had two good days of operating, and 20m SSB & CW opened up to North America and Canada mid afternoon. SSB have been on 40m for the UK yesterday and today. Bernie has been on several bands with JT65, PSK31 and WSPR. We had to pack all the equipment away as there is another event in our room we are using tonight Monday, 31 July. Rich GW4BVJ will be in at 07.30 on Tuesday, 1 August to set the Ten Tec station back up and get on the air asap, followed by everyone else later on.

News 2 August 2017

Tuesday, was quite busy in the morning and reasonable conditions prevailed most of the day. However, Wednesday was a different story and propagation was as low as we have seen for a while. The high point was KP4TF on 20m CW with the Hexbeam. JT65 worked stateside on 20m once or twice on the Hexbeam too. SSB have been busy on 40m.

Phil MW0DHF and his Yaesu FT-2000operating SSB James 2W0JYI and Bernie MW0GBW operating Digital

Rich GW4BVJ's Ten Tec CW station TheHexbeam and the Hustler Vertical

News3 August 2017

We were very pleased to welcome Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, RSGB, who visited us today. She shot stills and video and wrote up the story. We showed her each of the stations and she witnessed Glyn awarding the children their certificates after sending their name in morsecode.

News 7 August 2017

Wefinished operating late afternoon, Friday 4 August 2017 and dismantled the stations. Saturday 5 August we met on-site early to take down the antennas. Thank you to everyone whocalled us, we reallydid appreciate it. It was hard going due to the extremely poor conditions. We all enjoyed a last cup of tea in the cafe before leaving the Royal Mint Experience.


We must thank the Royal Mint Experience for all their hospitality and assistance during the event, especially Claire Evans in Marketing,we had a greatl time.

Also Heather Parsons from the RSGB who supported us all the way through the project and visited us during the event. Amsat UK too wholiased with Ken and lent their support.

Thanks again to all who worked us and the Radio Amateur families who did indeed visitus in the shack. The runaway success of the event was the 'Isent my name in morsecode' certificates managed by Glyn GW0ANA. It caught the imagination of the parents and their children alike, and there were queues on most of the days. Who knows how many CW operators of the future were inspired during the week!

Richard receiving his certificate from Glyn Tomi, son of Paul GW0GPQ, receiving his

Glyn presenting Lilyah withher certificate Commander Heather Parsons,NASA Astronaut!

OperatorKen nearest, Phil and Jack Rich'sSDX by EI5DI, logging for GB4RME


Glyn has combined the logs, but arough tally is 100 QSO's on digital with the Hyend wire, 295QSO's on SSB with the Hustler vertical and the Hexbeam at 25ft, Alfa Spid RAU Rotatorand 400W helpedCW achieve 438 QSO's and 48 countries. There were several brief openings which allowed our best DX of FOFrench Polynesia, KP4 Puerto Rico and several VE's and W's.

The Team would like to send their best wishes to Brian GW0PUP who was unable to attend the event, and Chris MW0XFU who made the site visit and the first morning, but never got to operate. We trust they both feel better soon.

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in this unique event, and we cannot believe we have had over 4,400views on this page.

30 September 2017

We arevery pleased to announcethatBARSwas theOverall winner - RSGB National Club of the Year and Small Club First Place. The President,Nick Henwood G3RWF presented the club with theirawardat the National Hamfest in Newarklast Saturday. Glyn, Bernie & Bob drove up to pick up the award.It consisted of a certificate, plus abeautiful piece of engraved crystal glass. Last but not least Mr Jeff Stanton, of Waters & Stanton personally presented Glyn on behalf of the club, with a brand new Icom radio, the phenomenalICOM 7300. Thank you to the RSGB Board and Waters & Stanton for their generosity and such a prestigeous award.

Left to Right:BernieMW0GBW,BobGW0WKR, Jeff Stanton (Waters & Stanton),Glyn GW0ANA and Nick G3RWF (PresidentRSGB)
Radcom November 2017
Glyn GW0ANA wrote this excellent article for Radcom.


We trust this collection of photographsshow you why the Royal Mint Experience is so popular, and is well worth a visit.Photographs courtesy ofthe Royal Mint Management apart from the front of building photo by 'James F',coins by 'Zoe J' and I stuck this coin by 'Globetrotter'.

RSGB Support

The RSGBbackedus totally, Heather Parsons, RSGB Communications Manager has been superb with advice and guidance. They officially contacting National Radio Societies around the world with a view to their membershipcontacting us.A theme webuilt, as the Mint makes coins for over eighty countries around the globe, so we wanted to contact as many of these countries as we couldby radio. Click on the logos for the relavant websites.

More photographs from the Royal Mint Experience, thank you to Nick T, Sign, Melody T, Animal & Mrs Brenin, Medals.
Thank you for all the calls and 73, the GB4RME Team.
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