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Hugh Martin

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The HB0 Team

John MM0JZB,Ross MM0OBT,Hugh GM4UYE,Myles, MM0MYL,Duncan 2M0BYS,Rab 2M0DRO, Jonathan MM0OKG and Billy GM0OBX.



I was first licensed as GM6KDO (VHF only)in 1980 after passing the old City and Guilds RAE and 2 years laterpassed the 12wpm morse test gaining the full call GM4UYE. My first station was homebrew,a modified CB on 10mtrs and Xtal controlled QRP TCVR's on 20m,30m 40m and80m,3w and direct conversion RXs, CW only!I had my first CW QSO on 20m,02/12/1984,OH6RU I remember. My first commercial TCVR was a TEN TEC Argosy 2 a superlittle rig,I worked over 200 countries running 3W on CW and 10 W on SSB and had a great time.When we were given the 6mtr allocation in UK in 1986 I builta Homebrew XVRTR 10mtr to 6mtr, running abt 25w to a 3 El Yagi, thatgot me hooked on "THE MAGIC BAND",we had some nice openings from UKinto USA and S.America in 88 and 89 and i worked somegood ones. I had a break from radiofor about 10 years,spending most weekends climbing hills, in Scotland we have a group of hills called MUNRO's( named after Sir Hugh Munro, who first listed all the 3000Ft hills in Scotland) this became my next challange, there are around 282, at the moment I have climbed 206.

I got back on 6mtrs in 2010,using a KenwoodTS590 to a 3El Yagi and rediscovered the challange of50mhz at these latitudes Hi Hi.The station was upgraded in 2014 with the addition of an Elecraft KPA 500 amp and a 5 El LFA Yagi. The main rig changed this year (2016) to an Icom IC7300, so far this has been an enjoyableaddition.When not on CW or Phone I have been known to use some Digi-modes JT9on HF and MSK144 on 6. So all the best and hope to work you sometime especially on 6mtrs. I am currentlychasing states on JT9 on HF Bands andneed WY and SD.ND and HI

I was QRV from the village of Triesenberg in the principality of Liechtenstien from 01/06/2017 till 06/06/2017we were a group of 8 members of Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society, we ran 3 stations operating 40 through 6 mtrs, 3 IC7300's dipoles on 40 and 30, ahexbeam on 20,17,15,12 and 10, we also had a 6 el yagi on 6mtrs. The QTH could not have been more spectacular, 1100mtrs asl looking accross the Rhine valley to Switzerland,what a view to wake up to, we all miss it, a great time had by all, we did manage to get some siteseeing in, on the Saturday a party of us went up to the Sareiserjoch, had a meal in the restuarant and walked along the ridge, absolutely stunning. We had a pipeline into UK on 6mtrs on a few days so glad if we gave you a new one, seems we missed out on the DX on 6 though, not a lot you can do if there is an Alp in the way!!! anyway it was well worth the effort even with the long road trips. Now the speculation begins where to next year? Please do bot send cards to me for the HB0 activation, i do not carry cards for this.

Best 73 Hugh Please see HB0/GM4UYE QRZ Page for QSL Details


Do not send QSL cards via the Bureau, I am NOT a member, ONLY DIRECT OR LOTW.


Note: I Prefer LOTW, don't waste paper.


The top pics are: The summit of Sgorr Na Ciche in Glen Coe and operating at GB700BOB special event station for the 700th aniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in June 2014 Below are some shots from the HB0 trip : Looking south from our QTH. The view along the ridge from Sareiserjoch andwe had to sample some local produce! The view from our balcony and the Sareiserjoch Restaurant.


I am a member of the GMDX group, UKSMG #305and have beena memberof the Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society (GM6NX) since 1980 and now FT8 DMC #360 And finally after ten years of chasing DX on 6 mtrs6 Mtr DXCC #1,529, happy chappie!!!


Rigs:Icom IC7300,Kenwood TS590, and Yaesu 8800 for 2m/70cm

Antennae: Rotary Dipole for 10-15-20and 5 element LFA Yagi for 6Mtrs,end fed LW for LF and Dual Band Colinear 2m/70cm

I also have a 70Mhz Moxon fixed SE in the loft.

Amp: Elecraft KPA 500

Locator: IO86AC WAB Square NS89

Good DX 73 de Hugh


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