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Max Van Rymenant (Maxi-Print)

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From 27 may - 3 june I'm active as HB0/ON5UR.
We print a new QSL for this trip (the picture above is not the QSL card).
QSL via Homecall
We prefer paper QSL (we do no E-QSL).

Previous callsgins:

2000: ON1DRZ.
2000: OK8UR - Czech Republic
2001: OY9UR - Eysturoy Island - Faroe Islands - EU018 (Team: ON5UR - ON6NP).
2001: ON5UR/MM (Maritime Mobile between Denmark and Faroe-Islands - Special thanks to: Smyril line).
2001: OQ5UR (SES: H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth born in Anderlecht - 25 october 2001).
2002- OS5UR (SES: 700th Anniversary "Battle of the golden spurs").
2005: OO5UR (SES: 175 Years Independence Belgium).
2002: XU7AUR - Koh Poah Island - Cambodia - AS-133 (Team: ON5UR - ON5TN - ON6NP).
2002: XU7ACJ - mainland Cambodia (Team: ON5UR - ON5TN - ON6NP).
2003: HB0/ON5UR - Principal Liechtenstein.
2005: ZB2/ON5UR - Gibraltar.
2011: OJ0UR - Market Reef - EU-053 (Team: ON5UR - ON8AK - PA5R/DJ5MO - PD9DX).
2011: OH0/ON5UR - Ecker Island - Aland Islands -EU-002.
2012: 3A/ON5UR - Monaco.
2013: OO5UR (SES: We celebrate our new King Filip - Philippe).
2016: OP5UR (SES: in memory of 100 year - World War 1).
2017: HB0/ON5UR - Principal Liechtenstein.

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I work on my webpage their you can find also more info about my other hobby (QSL printing). We work on new webpage. We hope to have it online in a few months. If you have questions about the QSL print service, please write me via

Thanks to visit me on, hope to see you soon on or for another QSO on freq. 73' Max ON5UR


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