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TAKA Masaaki Takahashi

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 70991

Please visit

You can see some pictures

QRV From Yagishiri Isl. JA8COE/8 IOTA AS-147

16-17Sep. 2017QSL via JA8COE Direct(2USD or IRC+SASE), Buro,OQRS

Typhoon 18 coming close Yagishiri Island

Only 2day stay in Yagishiri Island

QRV From Cheju Isl. HL4/JA8COE IOTA AS-026

8-11 Mar. 2017 QSL via JA8COE Direct(2USD or IRC+SASE), Buro,OQRS

QRV From Rebun Island JA8COE/8 IOTA AS-147

24-26 June 2016QSL via JA8COE direct( 2$ or IRC+SASE), OQRS, Buro

OQRS is available

IOTA AS-056 Onna Island DanjoIslands

19-20 Mar. 2016

Danjo Islands is natural treasure of JAPAN

Japanese government not permit landing the Islands

QRV on the rock Tinohirase inOnna Island

Fishing boat captain decide the safety rock

Clublog is ok

23-25Mar. 2016

IOTA AS-037 Kami Koshiki Island

Clublog ia ok

QRV from Falalop Island Micronesia V63CO IOTA OC-078

6-8 Mar. 2015

Maap Island Micronesia V63CO IOTA OC-012

1-5 Mar. 2015

Please visit V63CO

QRV from Shodo Island JA8COE/5 IOTA AS-200

16/Oct./2014 to 19/oct.2014 QSL ok Club log OQRS, Direct(2USD or IRCs) or bureau

Shodo Island HEX baem 16mH for 20m to 10m band

QRV from Yagishiri Island JA8COE/8 IOTA AS-147

25/07/2014 to 27/07/2014 IOTA Contest QSL ok Club log OQRS Direct(2usd or IRCs) or bureau

IOTA AS-067 WLOTA LH2857 GL PM41re JA8COE/6 Uji Island

8Apr. 2014 TO 16 Apr.2014

QSL via JA8COE ClubLog OQRS or direct(2usd or IRC) or Bureau

2el inverted V beam for 30m to 10m(Top is 10mh) Uji Island
Sun set Uji Island
Operating site at night in Uji Island
Water for 10days alive and big cool box
Uji Island is desert island so all thingis do myself
Special Thanks to Fishing boat Daisan Kaiko captain Takeshita
He take me to Uji Island and safe back to home

Please visit

You can see picture of Uji and Yagishiri Island

Photo Portable Operation fromYagishiri Island IOTA AS-147

QRV from Yagishiri Island IOTA AS-147


JA8COE/8 GL QN04qk

IOTA AS-147 JA8 Hokkaido's Coastal Islands group

photograph is Spiderbeam antenna up 10mH at Yagishiri Island

Hope to see you on the Air


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