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Peter Brucker

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
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lookups: 192367

Back to West-Africa. QRV in March, in the first half, mostly in 6W, with some daily trips to the J5 beach, using my old Outbacker antenna with the K3 or the built-in IC706, battery power, max. 100W, 10-30m CW, in the second half of March, will stay in Varela, J5, using Spiderbeam, K3, generator running about 16hrs a day, 10-20m CW.


Now I have permanent internet access so I will update my online log every day.

Update 2013.03.30

QRT Now! TNX FER all the CALLS! You can now request QSLs using the Donate button on the logsearch page, sending at least $4 and putting your callsign in the Remarks field. It has been a pleasure and a great experience, made slightly more QSOs than last time, maybe do to my last minute decision to work SSB too. Had some trouble with the inverter powering my laptop so finally I stuck to the built-in CarPC. I had to cancel the planned IOTA activities due to insufficent funds, maybe next year...Also tried some six meters operation, but I don't like it any more than before :) I have been once again annoyed by the high number of duplicate QSOs, I do not log them but they do waste my precious battery power. 73 and CU next year!

Will be QRV again from late January 2013! I will be operating 99% CW, other modes on request. I will be operating 10-30m with a small vertical most of the time, maybe 40m ocassionally. Please do not ask for other bands, especially six meters, I have no antennas and no time to waste waiting for ocassional openings. Please do not send QSL cards to the HA Buro!

  • Please DO NOT make DUPES! Check the on-line log before calling. In J5 I am running on battery power, with multiple QSOs you waste my precious battery power thus limiting my operating time. For this very same reason, please do not repeat my call, or your call if I copied it correctly.
  • Please DO NOT ask for the J5 flag for your QRZ page!! I have no internet connection in J5.

Equipment used: K3 (100W), Outbacker Perth+, later maybe the 5-Band Spiderbeam and/or GP, dipole, 2x100Ah batteries.

MixW for RTTY, UCXLog for the rest, running on my built-in CAR-PC or the old IBM Thinkpad.

For all info, including QSL status and OnLine Log, please see my Africa website!

A few hints to make our life easier and our hobby more fun:

  • Know what "UP" means!
  • Avoid dupes! I update the online log almost every day, check your QSOs!
  • If a specific country or continent is called, don't call if you are not there! For those who have trouble understanding it, DON'T CALL FROM EUROPE IF I CALL JA or NA or USA or ASIA etc...

Further details are on the DX Code of Conduct website, keep those in mind!

73, Peter


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