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Foundation for Global Children (FGC)

Children are our future; we have no future without fulfilling our duty to value and care for each and every child.

The FGC was established in July 2010, to conduct research into and survey problems pertaining to education, medical care, and welfare of children in Japan and other countries as well as to search and provide counsel for the ideal lines of future development in these areas. To achieve the purpose, the FGC has been engaged in support activities necessary for the healthy growth of children and fostering their power to live together.

A massive earthquake of magnitude of 9.0 occurred on March 11, 2012, off the Pacific coast of the northeastern part of the Japanese main land (Tohoku Region). It was the most powerful known earthquake ever to have hit Japan, and triggered powerful tsunami waves, causing devastating damages in coastal areas.

The FGC initiated support actions in the disaster area right after the earthquake, on March 17. Many victims, especially children, are suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There are serious cases caused by anxiety after the disaster, and after one year, very little of the issues have been solved. We believe that it is one of our missions to continue our support to the victims.

The FGC also has been engaged in support activities mainly in Asia, and other parts of the world as well, to promote medical and educational environment for children.

<FGC overseas activities>


- Exchange program with RTC (Royal Thimphu College, the first private university in Bhutan)

Student exchange programs, faculty member exchange programs and joint researches

- Establish Ashi Kesang - Miazawa Seisa Scholarship

Invite high school age students to Japanese high schools (mainly to Seisa schools)

- Joint research with Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)

Joint researches, faculty member exchange programs, and participation in Phobjikha Project

- Joint research on Asian Himalayan Studies

Invite Mr. Dago Tshering (former Ambassador of the Kingdome of Bhutan to India)

Join research with Mr. Masayuki Itonaga, Special Adviser, University of Alaska Fairbanks

- Soccer coach/trainer support program

Soccer coach/trainer exchange programs, and provide training for soccer coaches/trainers


- Support Agrasara Orphan Destitute Home

Support for improvement of the facilities

Provide education and training to nurture future teachers

Establish a sewing factory and provide technical training to children

Establish international NGO, Seisa-Bangadesh


- Nurture IT technicians and trainers

Provide training for IT technicians and trainers

- Support for improvement of medical and educational environment

Provide water purification equipment

Introduction of soap to improve hygienic environment

Provide education and training for doctors, nurses and public health workers

Support for improvement of elementary school educational environment

Other related projects in medical and educational fields

- Joint project with Union ofMyanmarFederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI)

Joint projects with UMFCCI for improvement of medical and educational environment

FGC will continue our support activities to create a better society!


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