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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 9768

AS-047 JR1LZK/6 & JE1HXZ/6 Minami Daito Island - Done successflly. Tnx.

Many thanks for visiting my page.

I got first operator license in 1969 and got the station license "JR1LZK" in Aug/1970.
After SWL, I started armature radio from 6m band using AM transceiver and a dipole antenna.

I upgraded my operator license to 1st class in 1992 and passed 500w station test in 1995.

I like 6m band, DX QSO, Field operation, Antenna design & test, digital modes and so on.

Member of : JARL, UKSMG, DXCC
Overseas operation: 3D2YN,FW/KG7XE(as a operator),T88LZ,KH6/JR1LZK,KH0/JR1LZK,W4/JR1LZK,NZ8L

Current systems:


TS-950S+6mTRV/IC-756pro/IC-9100 and IC-PW1

<1st tower>
* 3 x 7element Yagi for 6m : Built in May 2014
(7element Yagi boom length: 9m / Horizontal stack space: 7.5m / Vertical stack space: 7.0m /Max height : 32m)

3 x 7 element Yagi for 6m JR1LZK

<2nd tower>

* 7 element Yagi 25mH for 6m
* 4 element Tribander 23mH for 20/15/10m
* Hentenna Loop for 40m
(This antenna can be used for 30/17/12m )

FB DX & Best 73!
JR1LZK "Tak" Yutaka Tasaki

JR1LZK/6 2017QRV info.

Tak JR1LZK/6 and Mitsu JE1HXZ/6 will be active
from Minami Daito Island(AS-047) from 28 Apr to 6th May.
They will operate IOTA frequencies on 40-6 metres CW,SSB,RTTY and JT65.
QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Also LoTW and Club Log available.

JR1LZK/6 2016 QRV info.

++ Yonaguni Island :Yonaguni-town Yaeyama Okinawa Japan ++
Period: 23/Apr - 1/May 2016
Grid Square : PL14LK (PL14ML last 3 days)
IOTA : AS-024
JCG: 47005 /A

Operators: JR1LZK/6, JE1HXZ/6
Band: 40m-6m (inc.WARC)

Yonaguni is the westernmost island of Japan and the distance to Taiwan(VB) is about 100km.

QSL: BURO and/or LOTW.
- In case you wish to get my QSL card DIRECT, please mail to home call include your QSL card, SAE and 1x IRC or equivalent. QTH is available in

Rig :2 x IC-706
Ant: DP/40m and 30m, Single Delta Loop+ATU for 40m-10m ,2elememt Delta Loop for 6m

JR1LZK/6 2015 QRV info.

++ Iriomote Isl of Taketomi-town Yaeyama Okinawa ++
Period: 24/Apr - 28/Apr 2015

Grid Square : PL14VK
IOTA : AS-024
JCG: 47005

++ IsigakiIsl of Ishigaki-city Okinawa ++
Period: 29/Apr - 3/May 2015

Grid Square : PL24CL
IOTA : AS-024
JCC: 4704

Operators: JR1LZK/6, JE1HXZ/6
Band: 160m-6m (inc.WARC)

QSL: BURO and/or LOTW.
- In case you wish to get my QSL card DIRECT, please mail meinclude SAE and 1xIRC or equivalent.

Rig :2 x IC-706
Ant: DP/40m and 30m,Single Delta Loop+ATUfor 40m-10m ,2elememt Delta Loop for 6m


JR1LZK/6 2014QRV info.

I was on Irabu Is. of Miyakojima-city Okinawa Japan with JE1HXZ for Radio Vacation.

This island is located in subtropical zone and about 2,000km South-West of Tokyo.

The information is as follows.

QRV information:

Period: 25/Apr - 4/May 2014
Call sign JR1LZK/6, JE1HXZ/6

Grid Square : PL24NU
IOTA : AS-079
JCC: 4714

Band: 160m-6m (inc.WARC)

-Direct QSL will be available. In this case, please include SAE and enough IRCs
-e-QSL is not available.

Rig :2 set of transceiver +ATUs and band scanner for 6m.
Ant: 160m: LW/80-10m: Windom/40m,15m:Single Delta Loop/6m::2elememt Delta Loop

It was nice Radio vacation as we made many QSOs especially 6m condition was good..
Best 73 and see you on the air !

DE JR1LZK Yutaka 'Tak' Tasaki


JR1LZK/6 2013QRV info.

These picture were taken during the last our Radio Vacation in Amami-ohshima Is. (AS-024/46005) in May/2013.


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