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QSL: S.A.R.A QSL BURO, P.O.Box 14, 90031 Stupava SK, OR DIR.


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I was born 1949, licenced 1970.

I prefere QRP 5Wmax. -only.. specialy DX-ing. CW and SSB.My RIG is FT817, or PIXIE II. Antennas- LW170m,LW31m, LOOP 81m,single dipole for6m, EKO 9 el. for2m, Yagi 10 el. for70cm.

My favorite hobby is SOTAactivation.MyRig for SOTA is- FT 817 or HB-1B, ACCU 7At-12V, Lion 2,2At / 12V, Ant-LW 30 m, 21 m LW or specialy dipole 2x 10 meter. For 145MHz I useBaofeng-UV5R + vertical or2 el.dipole.

OthersHobby is constructionfor QRP ... TRX, ATU, measurement, antenas atp ...

My SOTA Trip on beautiful Hillsof Slovakia-LowTatras One of My first SOTAs- 2013

(Nzke Tatry)

Moja nov vstavba PIXIE II, testovan na viac Sota aktivciou

My new version PIXIE II for 40m

tested on 4 SOTAs

Pwr 700mW HF--worked very well.

All My activities strnka OM6TC

Many thanks for all QSOs with Me..........Best 73/72!! Jozef OM6TC..


My 5-th Year Activities.....


JW/OM6TC...activity from 15 to 20 of september 2017....from Longyearbyen, Svalbard...

QSL info: via OM QSL buro or DIR ...Jozef Stefik, Sibirska 1, 91701 Trnava, Slovak Republic...

For a direct QSL please send a SAE+2 green Stamps.

Details from my Expedition -Slovak version

Very very poor condx on HF Bands but Trip was very nice.....Many thanks all Hams who make QSO with me....Jozef !



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