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Almont V Pawlowski

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Receive antenna box is aLZ1AQ AAA-1 preamp. The rig/s.

Al Pawlowski, email:

Big hello from the south edge of Morro Bay onthe CA central coast - often foggy, pretty much always mild temperatures. I am a retired I & C (instrument and controls) engineer.Other interests are racing pigeons and fishing.

Main rig is anApache ANAN-100bon HF. I also have aBaofeng hand-held for VHF/UHF and aSDR usb donglefor wide-band rx. The multi-loop antennain the picture is used for Rxonly (0.5 - 55MHz). Its preamp (LA1AQ AAA-1) allowsremote switchingto two upper loops (in cross-parallel), the bottom loop,allloopstogether or adipole of thetop whip and shorted bottom loop.

Now using a home-brewcobwebon on PVC conduit frame about 2ft above my roof forTx on bandsnot covered by my MFJ tuned loop (40m -15m). The cobweb has 6 elements for 20m through 6m, but also works down to80m pretty well with anautotuner.TheMFJis mounted vertically on a rotator about3ft above my roof. BW is about 20kHz and SWR is easy to setbelow 1.5. The MFJ is a bit better than the cobweb on the bands it covers. OnRx, I use the multi-loop below 20m and the cobwebabove.Mayaddsome directionals on the rotated mast at some point and a larger tuned loop for Tx below 40m.

Antenna/s more than a couple feet above roof impractical, but I do have a great view of Morro Bay from the shack. The cobweband MFJ tuned loop areshown just below the view.


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