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Harold C Bacon

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 26419

Name hr is Chet - previous call KA1ILH
I use LoTW Primary confirmation - QRZ and EQSL services;
QSL cards R gud direct!
ARRL charges way too much to send a handful of cards,
I can via bureau but you might wait a LONG time for a return.

As far as I am concerned this is the best award an Amateur can receive, tnx Matt!

Mixed, CW, Phone and Digital

ARRL's celebration - National Parks 100th year, worked over 350 parks.

Working conditions here in CT are:

Yaesu FTDX-3000D - TH3 Thunder Bird on an AB-577 tower @ 35FT / 43foot vert DX Eng /
80-10 Fanned Dipole DXCC / 175 foot Long Wire w/9:1 UnUn by BalUn Designs
Ameritron AL-811h - Palstar HF-AUTO ATU (best add-on yet for the station!)
and an Old 1965 Henry 2K amp when needed abt 1200W
(I don't push the old gal hihi)
On Digital FT8 (great new mode), PSK31 to JT65-HF - Signalink USB audio interface
Locator - FN31; County: Hartford State: Connecticut
Logging via: Ham Radio Deluxe, LoTW, Club Log, EQSL, QRZ

When QRV in Cabot VT - FN34uj see below:

Main Radio -Yaesu FT-950 ~ 100W out, with SP-2000 and DMU-2000
HRD for Rig Control, Spotting, Logging and Digital DM780
Antenna is Buckmaster OCF 80-10, G5RV (sri Bob K1HSN it works) with an Ugly Balun Choke,
and a Hustler 4BTV 4-Band HF Vertical Antenna.

FT-950 station feeds into a Heathkit SB-220 Amp for most bands (minus WARC for the amp)
all digital modes all bands with a SignaLink USB sound card
FT-102 and a IC-745 as backup radios both still put out 130 watts, actually I have 3 - IC-745s plus a parts 745 - just a great all around radio.
For QSL direct in VT - pse use:
po box 35
Cabot, VT 05647

Original call - KA1ILH -New Call 3/7/2017- KA1VT
Extra class CW at 20wpm thanks to Bob - K1HSN's teachings!

Please use LoTW
Upload your contacts to Logbook of the World - it is FAST and easy! In today's economy spending big money is difficult.

Please do not tune up on the DX TX frequency!
DX usually splits and DX hunters are trying to work them on the DX TX!
If you must Tune up, do it off frequency please!


Member of The Southington Amateur Radio Assoc for over 30 years and actively involved many amateur radio activities. Good in the call book for many years - pse qsl via direct or via the QSL bureau. For a number of years I listened to the Saltminner's Net on 7.284.1 and recently check in daily. A great group of people with Dave, KD8CSQ, as NCS. These guys are the salt of the earth, btw, checkins are always welcome! More fun for me is building and repairing electronic ham radio/test equipment.

Remember SouthingtonARA's Flea market is held each spring - located in the central part of Connecticut - you may find further information about that at

I am a Retired Technology Education teacher, (Electronics, Physics, CADD and Networking) from Hall High School located in West Hartford CT. We were the first amateurs into space back in 2004, and leaders in Robotic Competitions here in CT & First place winners in the World Wide Trinity Robotic Fire Fighting contest. My students are the best of the best and most of them are like my own children and certainly are the greatest friends!
A new found ham radio OP Matt, AA1CT (KC1DLY), is the latest new ham I am helping to Elmer, he is just like family to the XYL and I. One thing for sure, I certainly am proud to call this 15 year old (2015) my friend and colleague.

Licensed for less than a year - Matt AA1CT (7/29/2016), formerly KC1DLY shown here, being presented his WAS and DXCC Awards by New CEO for ARRL, Tom Gallagher, NY2RF at ARRL HQ. By the way - all this from an indoor antenna as he has outdoor antenna restrictions. I guess that Matt is a big shot with his new 2x2 call, AA1CT; now we will be hearing more about him in the annals of Amateur Radio! hihi

He was a go get'r done fer sure - an Extra class (in 6 months)- doing amazing things with limited space and working conditions. March of 2015 took his Tech and in December 2015 at ARRL HQ working W1AW as an Extra! In sight of a year of getting his license he has DXCC and WAS; now working with the ARRL on a youth program of studies; is Vice President of the Southington ARA Inc; that is what I am talking about! Oh Yeah! Recently this spring Matt was mentioned, if not featured, in QST for his teaching other youths at Grace Academy in Hartford. A great article by Tom Gallagher on the beginnings of the ARRL youth program.

My other activities include Repeaters, ARES, CERT, Preparedness as well as building amateur antennas, fishing, Granges in CT (PoH) - almost anything DIY - Fishing, Hunting, Reloading and Shooting.

USMC League - Past Web Sergeant

Semper Fi
vry 73 Chet

Want a QSL Card from VT or CT? Bureau, or Direct will get you my personally designed card.

Ugly BalUn
Ugly BalUn - not so ugly and not a BalUn - RF choke more like it. - About 250 feet of LMR-400 to the shack to the RCS-4 switch - Ladder line feds the G5RV about 45 feet in the middle, you can see a piece of rope helping to hold the ladder line from swaying. The OCF runs about 15 degrees more East then the G5RV. And yes I raise bees...

1963-1965 Henry 2K amp lovingly rebuilt in memory of Bix, a real amp! This amp was modified to work on 160m, it had 80, 75, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter selections on the band switch, 80 meters was modified to work on 160 meters as amateurs did not have privileges on 160 at the time the amp was made.

QRV in Aruba for IARU HQ contest

Our Aruba Friends Jean P43A and his XYL Chris

The P40HQ crew - Unfortunately P43JB is SK; Johan (Joop) Bok -SK at
approximately 17:00 GMT today, Thursday, January 19, 2012.
- Joop was an inspiration to all of us!

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