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Jan 2017:

KC4/N2TA is active from Novolazarevskaya Base in Antarctica until the end of March.

The above address (N2TA) acts as a maildrop for this operation. Cards received will be hand-delivered to Mike, RW1AI, for replies. He should be back to Russia in May 2017, so please be patient.

Direct only, please. US stations: send SASE, all others - SAE + postage. Any donations to offset cards printing are welcome.


Hi Friends,

Our N2TA club had received permission to use a special callsign N2B

You can find particulars here

N2B : 100 years of Hell Gate Bridge in NYC

Start Date: September 30, 2016
End Date: October 14, 2016

QSL via NT2X

Yes, among New York City's many landmarks there is one with a 'scary'
name, which is turning 100 years on Sept 30, 2016.

It connects Astoria (Queens) with Randall Island, over the East River

While it is not as famous as the Brooklyn Bridge, it was a significant addition to New
York City's infastructure when it was built.

To learn more, see Google Images here

Wikipedia has a nice write-up on the subject also

Members of the N2TA club will air the call on multiple bands and modes.

Special QSL (designed by, see it below) will be issued to anyone in
the log, who sends his card with SASE (for USA) or SAE + $2. Please don't send IRCs.

Direct only for this operation, sorry - no bureau cards

Want to donate to the club? (subsitite 5.00 with any number you like)

Thank you for your interest in this operation

73 and we'll see you on the air!


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