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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 34263

Originally from Kokomo, Indiana. Spent a few years in Oxford, MS for grad school, now residing in Colchester, CT.

I come from a "ham family"; Mom N9NKN, Dad ex-WN9PEY, Grandfather K9MXG (SK), Grandmother ex-KN9FVJ and N9NKM (SK), Uncle K9MXE. With the help of my grandfather and the 807 Club I passed my novice exam in 1988 and was licensed as KB9BTG.

I primarily operate HF CW and Digital Modes. One of these days I may learn to operate phone. Here lately I've been bitten by the FT-8 bug, you can find me on in the morning before work and again in the evening. If you need CT for your WAS on FT-8 let me know, happy to set up a sked. Happiness though is making a QSO! If ya hear me calling give a shout.

Need an extra hand for a contest or expedition send me a note.

Member of the following: ARRL Life Member, Radio Amateurs Canada, Radio Club of America, the Laird Campbell Memorial HQ Operator's Club W1HQ (currently Vice-President), The HQ Doods Recreational Deployment Team, SLARC, University of Mississippi ARC W5UMS (former president and vice-president), Oxford/Lafayette County ARES and former Emergency Coordinator for Lafayette County, Indiana University ARC K9IU (Alumni member and former president), Yankee Clipper Contest Club, 10-10 International #60241, SKCC# 2679T, EPC# 18546, Kokomo Amateur Radio Club, W9GO, and the 807 Club of Kokomo Indiana. Professionally I'm a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers and the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials. I serve as Episcopal Relief & Development Diocesan Disaster Coordinator for the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and President of Connecticut VOAD

Operating achievements: 5 Band DXCC, DXCC, and DXCC Challenge, WAC (Phone, CW, RTTY, 160 meters, and 5 Band), WAZ-mixed, WPX Honor Roll on Mixed, Phone, CW, Digital and WPX Award of Excellence, WAS CW/Phone/Digital and Triple Play, RCC, VUCC on 6 meters from EM54 and FN31, A-1 Operator, and a few contest certificates and plaques.

DXCC Totals
Mixed 335/327 160 47 17 266
Phone 311 80 119 15 282
CW 316 40 201 12 239
Digital 209 30 189 10 249
Challenge 1907 20 285 6 50

Portable operations: I often carry portable HF or SAT gear with me on my travels. All portable QSO's are uploaded to LOTW.

Home Station: I use an Elecraft K3/100 at home. The current home antenna farm is under construction, but for the moment I have a G5RV strung up in the trees. Software of choice; N1MM+ for contests, Log4OM for main logging, FL Digi and WSJT-X for digital modes. Keys are a Kent TP1-B, Vibroplex Standard, a J38 and a Speed-X straight key.

The KI1U Shack - Always making improvements...

CWOP: I maintain a home weather station linked to the CWOP network. The weather station is a Davis Vantage Vue and the data output is run through a Raspberry Pi running CumulusMX.

DX Operations - I have operated as CE2/KI1U, 8P9IU, KI1U/VE9 (NA014/NB003), PJ2/W5MPC and CT8/KI1U. Click the call for log search. All QSO's from these operations have been uploaded to LOTW. If you need a card QSL via the bureau or the home call. Direct QSL requests require 2 greenstamps or SASE. Any radio expedition plans are sent to the DX bulletins and can be found on my homepage

QSL info : I upload all QSO's to LOTW weekly, this is my preferred method of QSLing. All direct requests require an SASE or two greenstamps. If you're not in a hurry the bureau is OK too. I do not use EQSL. I will upload FT-8 QSO's to LOTW once LOTW accepts the mode.

The best thing you can do to promote Amateur Radio is to be an elmer. Share your knowledge, experience, wisdom, passion and the lessons you have learned with other Amateurs. Stay with them past getting licensed!

Former calls and operations: KB9BTG, N9KLB, KF9FY, KF9FY/VE3, AA9GE, PJ2A, PJ2/W5MPC, W5MPC, CT8/KI1U, CU7CRA, KI1U/VE9, XE3IARU, 8P9IU, 8P8T, W1AW/3 (DC), K2D (13 Colonies CT), XR2IARU, CE2/KI1U, MM/KI1U, CG9IU

Field Day operations from - W9PC, W9GO, W5UMS, W1AW, N1ZQ, WA1J, NS1RA.

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