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lookups: 30509

Recent DXpeditions:

KV4T/P- GrandIsle - RSGB IOTA NA-168 - May.26 - May.29.2017

KV4T/P - Dauphin Island - RSGB IOTA NA-213 - Jul.26 - Jul.31.2017

Special Full Color QSL available for each DXpedition, will reply uponreceipt of your card.


Contest Station Info:

My brother-in-law (KI4GGJ) and I have built a small contest station out in the country here in central Alabama.

Our remote operating site is aneatlittle farm house on one of the highest points in Chilton County.

Radioing from the ridge200 feet above average terrainhas been a treasure.

We try our darndest to get together at least a few weekends every year to enjoy our radio shack out in the sticks.

The antenna farm has grown over the years since we planted the first one in 2006, and now the arsenal includes:

30' tower with 3 element Mosley Tribander.

50' tower with 5element Hygain monobander for 20 meters.

70' tower with 6 element M-Squared monobander for 15 meters.

90' tower with full-wave loop for 40 meters, and an 80 meter dipole.

** High-water-mark weekend so farpiloting the 15 meter monster is 1477 contacts in 101 countries!

Please give us a call anytime you hear us on the air....


Ham Radio Rsum:

Started out as a Shortwave listener in the early 1980s.

Licensed as Novice (5wpm) KB4FAI in the spring of 1983.

First on air contact was on Morse Code with WB8UJQ (George) in Newark, Ohio on Nov.15.1983 at 9pm local time on

3744 KHz... wow, I still have that old home-madeworn-out paper log book with that first log entry from when I was a kid...

The magic of that first radio contactset me on fire, and I have been experimenting with all things wire-less ever since...

Completed contact with all 50 US states (W.A.S) on Novice CW bands in 1984 (ARRL issuedNov.05.1984).

Upgraded to Technician, General (13wpm), and Advanced in 1984.

Upgraded to Extra (20wpm) in 1985.

Completed DXCC Honor Roll in 2005, on the same day as my YL (KS4YT). This would not have been possible for me alone, since she was the one who diligently watched for"announced DX operations" and made sure we were there to get 'em every time.

Have 344 DXCC countries confirmed: Need only Scarborough Reef (BS7) in the South China sea to have #1 Honor Roll.

Completed DXCC on 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m (8 Band DXCC confirmed via LOTW in 2017).

Still need a few more to complete this DXCC "bucket list" goal on6mand 160m.

Have completed W.A.S on 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m, 160m (Still need a few on 60m).

Recently turned attention to the Digital Modes: Completed W.A.S on JT65 in 2016 (Confirmed via LOTW), and now working on 10Band DXCC.


Favorite Quotes:

"Learning a new language is more like learning to ride a Bicyclethan it is to learnMath". - Unknown

"Every day we ask ourselves: 'What does it mean to be German'. " - Unknown

"In the spring, a young-mans fancy turns to radio waves bounced back off of the E-layer" - Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ



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