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TheAct of the Re-Establishment of the State of LithuaniaorAct of March 11(Lithuanian:Aktas dl Lietuvos nepriklausomos valstybs atstatymo) was an independence declaration by theLithuanian Soviet Socialist Republicadopted on March 11, 1990, signed by allmembers of theSupreme Council of the Republic of Lithuanialed bySjdis. The act emphasized restoration and legal continuity of theinterwar-periodLithuania, which was occupied by theUSSRand lost independence in June 1940. It was the first time that aUnion Republicdeclared independence from thedissolving Soviet Union.

Activity with this ALL TIME NEW ONE PREFIX will be March 1 - March 31, 2017.

27 years anniversary.

Info for direct QSL:

Please include at least 2 (EU Union) or 3 USD (Other) , 2 Euro coin or 1 or 2 IRC (JA).

You can also pay via PayPal (my e-mail) 3.5 EURO. I need QSO Data.

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