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QSL: via bureau or P.O.Box 36, Karlovo 4300

Bulgarian Club Blagovestnik

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Between 1st and 31stof December2017Bulgarian Radio Club BLAGOVESTNIK LZ1KCP will use the special callsign LZ710SG,which has been created in honour of . - /Saint bishop Grigorii /Sicily/.

LZ 710SGcounts for "All Saints- 2017" award and 10 points towards "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" award.


To obtain the Diploma it is necessary to establish : For European stations 10 QSO (SWL reports), and for stations outside Europe - 5 QSO (SWL reports) withdifferentmemorial callsigns dedicated to All Orthodox Saints.

For 2017
, these callsigns are 12:

LZ 552 SGO from 01.01.2017until31.01.2017

LZ 235 SIR from 01.02.2017until28.02.2017

LZ 303 MA from 01.03.2017until31.03.2017

LZ 303 SA from 01.04.2017until 30.04.2017

LZ 395 SG from 01.05.2017until 31.05.2017

LZ 121 SBS from 01.06.2017until 30.06.2017

LZ 284 SKD from 01.07.2017until 31.07.2017

LZ 55 UPB from 01.08.2017until 31.08.2017

LZ 100 SK from 01.09.2017until30.09.2017

LZ 251 MKPfrom 01.10.2017until 31.10.2017

LZ 307 MU from 01.11.2017until 30.11.2017

LZ 710 SG from 01.12.2017until31.12.2017

The cost of the Diploma is 5 EUR and also it can be obtainedfree of chargein electronic form by e-mail.

Please send applications

For paper version of the Diploma please send: 5 EUR to the PayPal account:

QSL cards are not necessary, only an extract from the log.

For each year Diploma will be issued with a separate numbering: No / 2017and etc.

Only memorial callsigns will be changed and Diploma can be obtainedevery year for QSOs within period from January 01 until December 31 for the relevant year.


The information shown here comes from If you are this callsign owner and want to update or remove this information, please do it directly at