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Virtual Amateur Radio Club Medway Towns

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An eQSL AG Station EU - 124

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Ynys Gybi - 30th April to the 6th May 2017

The Virtual Amateur Radio Club ( M0VRC ) is an enthusiasts club formed by local amateurs from North Kent for DXpeditions and other projects. Following last years successful trip to the Isle of Lundy as MX0VRC we are now venturing off to a new rarely activated island of Ynys Gybi EU-124 using the callsign MC0VRC.

This island also known as Holy Island is approx 15 sq miles and is located off the coast of Anglesey North Wales. It is called Holy because of the high concentration of standing stones, burial chambers and other religious sites on the small island. There are a variety of natural habitats on Ynys Mon including mud flats, dunes, marches and beaches. Practically nothing is left of the Oak forest that covered almost all of the island before the arrival of the Neolithic farmers. The western side of the island is taken up mainly by TWR mountain, an area of maritime heather moor, which is the highest peak in the county at 722 (220m). The coastal zone is a large site of special scientific interest. Irish Pirates invaded the island following the end of the Roman Rule in Britannia but were finally defeated by King Cadwallon Lawhir around 500AD

The team will again consist of Keith M0KJA, Mark G0GQT and Nigel G0GDA using a FT3k a Ft450d and a Kenwood TS590s together with 3 linears (life's too short for Qrp) running ssb, data and cw. The antennas will be a couple of tri-banders, vertical dipoles and 40 & 80m dipoles. On Tuesday night Mark & Nigel will again try the 2m beams in the UKAC contest between 19.00 and 21.30 utc. from IO73 and IO72 as GW0GQT/P & GW0GDA/P with a TS790s and a FT991.

There are two lighthouses known as stacks on the north of the island and we will be staying adjacent to south stack light house on the TWR mountain side SOTA GW/NW-069 where we hope that the take off will be good.

We are three ordinary enthusiasts just getting out there to accessable destinations and having a go with simple equipment for reasonable expense and having a great time along the way enjoying our hobby.

ALHRS WAL - 25 Constructed in 1809


Flora and Fauna GWFF - 078 Site of Special Scientific Interest Special Area of Conservation UK 0013046 Special Protection Area UK9013101 SOTA GW/NW -69 ITU 27 CQ 14 IARU IO 73 ph Worked All Britain SH - 28 IOTA EU-124 Lat 53.3047 N Lon 4.6834 W

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We Hope to work you on the air

73's De Mark Keith and Nigel

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