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Wilfried Fonteyn

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Activation from Guernsey island ( EU-114 ) from 23 till 27th of May 2017 with MU/ON6EF and MU/ON4AFW .
We will activate 1 WWFF on Guernsey but don't know which one and when .

Inverted V antenna's will be used but also vertical from 10 till 80 meters in SSB ,maybe also6 meters .
We will be on Sark island the 25th of may with reference GUFF-0030 .
Maybe the 26th of may we will be on Herm island with reference GUFF-0020 .
Both small islands have the same IOTA number as Guernsey .
We will use vertical antenna , buddypoles and 100 Wattoutputon the small islands .

In case you want to schedule a QSO..we might try : Contact me on

Guernsey Sark Herm


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