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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 35894

I am qsl manager for ON9BDand ON4OSA .

Thespecial prefix OP is given to all Belgian radioamateurs during the month of November from 2014 till 2018 .

This to remember the 1st world war , 100 years ago . A special qsl cardis printed for this special call OP6EFand you can look on for more info.

IMPORTANT !!! If you already have send a QSL card to me when I was /P it is not necessary to send one again .I always send cards out and I have from some stations 5 or more the same qsl cards and they should better safe them for new contacts , Thank you .

All swl cards will be answered if they were correctly filled in and if 1 IRC or 1 US dollar was included when send direct. ONL stations can send a qsl card to my home adress and one will be returned without any costs .Thanks and good luck.

Photo from our clubstation


I use a TS-450S with 100w. and a vertical 8 band antenna (avanti av-640) at my home QTH .When I am portable Iusea TS-50 , inverted V dipole for 10-15-20-40-80 meters , FD-4 or sometimes a vertical wire antenna with 4 radials for 20 m.

I am a member from OSA club in Wilrijk ,close to Antwerpen .Take a look at our new website

and tell us what you think about it ,thanks .

Next Activations :

past activations :

On 14/09/2017 I activated ONFF-0137 Kluis-Blommerslot from 09:30 till 12:30 and made around 180 qso's...Thx to all and till next time...

I was active from ONFF-0529 ( Viersels gebroekt) on 30/08/2017 started around 08:00 till 12:00utc on 40 and 20m. Made around 170 qso's ,mostly on 40m. Thx to all

Active from Peersbos ONFF-0580 on 23/08/2017 on 40 and 20m.

made about 124qso's with not so good conditions .Thx to all who contact me...

I was active from onff-0477 on 16/08/2017 mostly on 40m. also AN-007 for BCA award and ON-00007 for WCA award .

Activation from Guernsey island ( EU-114 ) from 23 till 27th of may with MU/ON6EF , MU/ON4AFW and MU/ON6VJ

I activated GUFF-0013 on Guernsey on 24 may 2017 .

Inverted V antenna's will be used from 10 till 160meters in SSB ,also6 meters when conditions are there .
We will be on Sark island the 25th of may with reference GUFF-0030 .
The 26th of may we wereon Herm island with reference GUFF-0020 .
Both small islands have the same IOTA number as Guernsey .
We will useFD-4 dipole ,TS-480satand 100w. outputon the small islands .

Guernsey Sark Herm

More information about this activity

Castles and fortresses :

AN-003 : 24/05/2010 + 03/01/2011 (Fortress Borsbeek)

AN-004 : 02/07/2011 (Fortress Mortsel-Deurne)

AN-022 : 09/08/2011 (Castle Sterkshof)

AN-023 : 25/03/2011 + 05/07/2015 (Fortress Oelegem)

AN-026 : 11/11/2011 + 25/02/2012 (Castle Boterlaerhof-Deurne)

AN-027 : 04/01/2014 (Castle Middelheim -Antwerpen)

AN-028 : 12/11/2012(Castle Rivierenhof -Deurne)

LU-025 : 08/07/2012 (Castle La Roche en Ardenne -Prov. Luxemburg)

OV-005 : 21/03/2011 (Fortress Liefkenshoek)

DL-03552 : 25/08/2013 (Castle Schloss Wahn -Germany)


WIM-2005 :01/09/2011 (Molen van Larum - Geel)

WIM-2015 : 19/09/2007+20/09/2015 (De Eenhoorn - Lillo)

WIM-2030 : 31/05/2008+18/09/2011+16/09/2012+18/09/2016 (Molen St-Anneke)

WIM-2031 : 19/09/2010 (Molen van Berendrecht)

WIM-2055 : 20/09/2009 (Molen van Ranst)


ONFF-0110 : 25/03/2011+05/07/2015 (Fort v.Oelegem)

ONFF-0117 : 13/10/2013 (De Kuifeend-Antwerpen)

ONFF-0133 : 02/06/2011+08/03/2014 (Ekers moeras)

ONFF-0136 : 23/04/2011 (Blokkersdijk-Antwerpen)

ONFF-0252 : 26/05/2015 (Abdijpark-Hemiksem)

ONFF-0453 : 03/01/2016 (Oude landen-Ekeren)

ONFF-0546 : 02/01/2017 (Het Wijtschot-Schoten)

PAFF-0012 : 05/05/2016 (Texel)

PAFF-0064 : 06/05/2016 (Vlieland)

PAFF-0014 : 08/05/2016 (Lauwersmeer)

DLFF-0003 : 17/08/2014 (Eifel natuurpark)

GJFF-0004 : 16/05/2015 (Jersey isl.)

GUFF-0013 + GUFF-0030 : 24+25/05/2017 (Guernsey and Sark isl.)


BEL-035 : 11/02/2007 (Lightbeacon port of Antwerp)

BEL-027 : 21/03/2009+17/05/2012 (Lightship Westhinder 3)

NET-016 : 04/05/2016 (Texel lightship - NL)

NET-029: 03-04/04/2008+15-16/07/2011 ( West schouwen isl. - NL)


EU-146 : 03-04/04/2008 + 24-25/07/2010 + 15-16/07/2011 (Schouwen-duiveland)

EU-038 : 29/5-01/6-2014 + 04-09/05/2016 (Wadden islands)

EU-013 : 16-19/05/2013 + 14-18/05/2015 (Jersey isl.)

EU-114 : 23-27/05/2017 (Guernsey + Sark isl.)

Countries :

Luxemburg : 11/05/2008 with ON5RZ as LX/ON6EF .

Spain : 03-17/04/2010 from Torrevieja as EA5/ON6EF.

I was also one of the operators from the OSA clubstation as ON70REDSTAR .

If you hear me don't hesitate to contact me!!!Thanks and 73's

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