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Amateur radio activity for a good cause

The link for the award is now online, please seebottom of page. Main logs are now being uploaded on a daily basis, so keep checking back to make sure you get the right award.And finally, thanks for all the contacts! 73 de OE40WG

Operations Plan

The Clublog files have now been deleted and the finalised logs re-uploaded!

The Idea:

In order to promote the idea of the Special Olympics, we will be runningspecial event stations and issuinga special prefix, which is availableon demand toall Austrian amateur radio stations. Many of our colleagues requestedthe prefix OE2017topromote the idea of the Special Olympics.

In 1977, 40 years ago, the first Special Olympics World Winter Games (hence OE40SO, OE40WG) took place. The idea took root and gradually grew,so this year, the 11th games (hence OE11WG, OE11SO), with over 2700 athletes from 107 different countries, will beheld in Schladming, Ramsau and Graz.

From March14th to March26th 2017 the following club stations will beactive on all bands:

- Kainachtal (OE6XRG / OE11WG)

- Leibnitz (OE6XFG / OE11SO)

- Mrztal (OE6XMG / OE40SO)

- Technical University of Graz (OE6XUG / OE40WG), see picture below:

Also active:

- A great manyOE2017stations.

OE6XUG: Club Station Graz Technical University

In particular, the OE6XUG club station will be run by students, teachers and alumni of the Graz Morse Code school:

Our Operators:

OE6RDD (Gerhard Ranftl)

OE6VWG (Werner Veit)...left, OE6GC (Harald Gosch)...behind the computer

OE6GUG (Gnter Gamsjger)

OE6PPE (Peter-Philipp Koller)

OE6SMF (Martin Schwingenschuh)

OE6TTD (Thomas Thurner), OE6FEG / M0FEU (Matthew Pullan)

OE6AVD (Alex van Dulmen)...left

N.B. All our operators will be operating 'Split'!

Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 - Award

Naturally, we will be offering aspecial award to all hamradio operators who work thesestations.Each contactwith an OE2017 stationis worth1 point perband / per mode.
Contacts with special event stations OE40WG - OE40SO - OE11WG - OE11SOare worth10 points perband and per mode.

More than 11 Points and at least one special event station OE40 or OE11

More than 20 Points and at least one special event station OE40 or OE11

More than 40 Points and at least one special event station with OE11 and one with OE40

The award will be issued free of charge as a .pdf file.Actual informationabout requesting your personal award ispublished on


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