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Radioclub ONZ Knokke

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OP36CLM is QRV from 16/10/2017 until 15/11/2017

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- QSL manager is ON3AIM Ivo
- Award manager is Pat ON7PP

History of the special event radiostation


The first transmissions of the S.E.S. were back in november 1981; in that year we participated in the 10th Canadian liberation march from Hoofdplaat, Netherland, to Knokke.Later Mr. Dany Lannoy who is a board member of the society Cnoc is ier and the town of Knokke, asked our clubstation, ONZ, to do that again the next year.

On November 1st 1982 a radiostation was set-up in the bar of oud knokke, to make possible the transmissions between the main station and the portable and mobile stations along the route of the march. The clubstation acted as relay in case of need. All went well and the option came to set up a special event station the next year, mostly to make radio contacts with Canada and also the rest of the World. The station was to be set up in the local clubstation of ONZ, Knokke.

After a meeting in January 1983 the municipality disposed a room in the local townhall and a company provided the radios and the antennas. The event should take place from October 28th till November 2nd 1983. Now a call had to be chosen and we came out with the suitable name ON4CLM; where CLM stands for Canadian Liberation March.

Friday, October 28th 1983 was the baptism of ON4CLM In the afternoon. Mr. Dany Lannoy welcome the different delegations from Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium. One of them Kapt. Maj. Christie 4CER from Lahr, the station of the German Canadian forces and also the Pipes and Drum band who came over for this occation. Also many Belgian distinguished were present. One was Col. De Bruyne M1 Belg. Bat. Genie and a large delegation of Belgian radioamateurs and the then presiding National President.

On October 30th 1983 two weard creatures entered the townhall in Knokke; it were Chuck Cwikowski (VE7AAF) and Joe Guy (VE3LYJ); they were with their families on a trip through Belgium and The Netherlands and when they were in Ostend they heard the station ON4CLM on their radio. One thing led to another and they ended up in Knokke. That moment was the beginning of years of coperation and fraternization with the German Clubstation in Lahr, DA2CF (Canadian Forces).
Also that year on November 1st , ON4CLM got a visit by the Canadian Lieutenant-General Gutknecht, military attach at the Belgian Embassy, and also several War veterans.

The following years the S.E.S. was on air during the Canadian week in Knokke in November. Each year we used a different callsign, such as ON30CLM, ON66CLM, OS4CLM, a.s.o.
This year we choose the call OP36CLM, to commemorate the liberation of Knokke.

Besides the members of ONZ a lot of other radioamateurs belonging to UBA clubs and groups helped activating the S.E.S.; not to forget the many friends from Lahr. To bad they cant join us anymore as the Canadian forces left Germany years ago.The event is known far beyond the borders and especially in Canada.

Not to forget anyone of the assistants and operators who made this possible, we didnt mentioned their names and callsigns but we greatfully like to thank them this way for their support!
CU on the air during this years activation of OP36CLM


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