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I was first licensed in March 2, 1961, as WN4AIH and upgraded to General Class shortly thereafter as WA4AIH. I can still remember having to go to the FCC building in downtown Miami, FL, the dark hallways, and the table 4 of us sat at to copy 13 WPM CW. Very scary for a teenager and quite different than today's testing environment. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1969 with a BEE degree I operated some in Palm Bay Florida but when harmonics came along radio activity halted. Hurricane Andrew struck and I helped with relief and trucked supplies from Brevard county to Dade county. Ham radio was prominent and it had been some 15 years since I last had a license. What a giant step the technology had taken during my hiatus. Repeaters, UHF rigs for 23 cm were available and HF rigs that tune down to 1 Hz with very very narrow CW filters! Wow what a brave new world. I took both the technician class, general class, and 20 WPM CW test several months after Andrew hit and a month later passed my Extra. So for a brief time I held KD4ZXI and with the Extra Class I continue to use AD4ES. I was introduced to contesting in the mid '90s and haven't looked back ever since. I enjoy DXing and increasing my challenge points. I am grateful to be a part of this hobby that offers so many different things to so many different people.


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