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Ant (Anthony) David

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LOTW users but especially FT8 users, have some patienceI do upload to LOTW but not every day or even every week. Do not send me emails askingme to upload. Alarge part of my week is spent answering emails for my business after my day job has come to an end.I would like to spend my spare time on the radio if possible and not answering emails asking me when I upload to LOTW

Hi and thanks for looking me up.

Name is Anthony or for the purpose of radio ANT, 1970 Model built in mid Wales :-)
Proud proprietor of G3TXQ-Hexbeams, designed by Steve G3TXQ and built solely by myself MW0JZE

Why choose the MW0JZE Hexbeam?

1. 6 Bands with one 50Ohm feed-line
2. No traps or coils means low VSWR across all bands so no tuner needed
3. Ideal for fixed or portable stations
4. Symmetrical shape for more stability in high wind locations
5. Low maintenance

MW0JZE Hexbeam

Dont just take my word for it, visit Eham to find out what everyone is saying about the HEXBEAM

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Photo courtesy of Bertrand Demarcq FG8OJ

In September 2011 I was lucky enough to be part of the 4W6A Team! Yes thats my Hexbeam :-)

Below is a map showing all my contatcs on my Hexbeam :-)



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