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CQWW CW 2017

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 8706

This station will be active during CQWW CWContest - 2017

Category - Multi/Single - Low Power

Operators: PP1CZ, PP2BT, PY1ZV & PY7RP




QSOs on and before 2012, QSL Via WD9DZV.

(Please check WD9DZV for more information)

QSOs on and later 2017, QSL Via PY7RP.

(OQRS via Clublog / Direct QSLs via PY7RP / No Bureau / LOTW after activity)

For OQRS request just type in your call below and click the button.

You will be forwarded to clublog for checkout.

For other QSLing methods please check PY7RP profile.




CQWW CW 2017 Team

Multi Single - LP

PY1ZV - Fabio

PY7RP - Renner

PP1CZ - Leo

PP2BT - Julio




The operation will take place from PU0FDNs QTH in Fernando de Noronha Island.

Marenga lives on the island now for more than 30 years and he is a permanent resident together with his wife Lola.

Marenga is a retired captain of cargo supply vessels for Fernando de Noronha Isl companies & hotels.

The shack is available for rent. For more information please contact him personally through e-mail on his page.

We would like to thanks Marenga for the great support on making this operation possible!.

A brief description of the antenna farm:

Tower 1 - 60ft Self Supported - Cushcraft A4S + Cushcraft XM240 + Hy Gain Ham IV Rotor

Tower 2 - 60ft Self Supported - 7el 10 meters Yagi + Hy Gain Ham IV Rotor

Tower 3 - 60ft Self Supported - No antennas "yet"

Tower 4 - 40ft Self Supported - On the ground. Yet to be assembled.

Wire Antennas: 80 meters inverted "L" ground plane + 160 meters 1/2 half sloper @ 60ft up.

60ft self supported tower - A4S + XM240 during assembly (horizon looking the sea/NA direction)

Another view from the antenna farm. There are 3 - 60ft - self supported towers.

The shack is located in the container above.

There is a lateral door and the main door. Also a window looking towards NA direction.

Nowadays the container is refrigerated :) - air conditioner not yet installed on this photo.

Another view from inside the shack.

Window sight from the container. Direction towards NA.


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