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Renato Araujo ( REN)

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e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

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Hello, My name is Renato, but on the radio i use the nickname Ren, I have 33 years, live in Belm do Par. I start in radio with 13 years old, my first contact with the radio was on citizens band (CB) in 2010 decided to make examinations for Amateur Radio, my first call was PU8WWW .



I have always had a love of QSLs and QSLing. I enjoy the individual works of art adorned with QSO information and callsigns. If you send me a paper QSL, you WILL get one in return, provided you follow these simple methods.My logs are regularly uploaded to LotW. NOTE: I do not use eQSL. Please don't ask me.

Paper QSLs are sent and received asdirect.

I do, however, have a few requirements for direct QSLs:

  • DO include an Self Addressed Envelope.
  • SAEs are mandatory for everyone.
  • Self Addressed STAMPED Envelopes are mandatory

  1. Kenwood-TS-590 sg ( HF + 50 MHZ)
  2. Icom - IC-706MKIIG( HF- VHF- UHF)
  3. Icom ic-2200 (VHF)


  1. Diamond GZV-400 ( 40 A)
  2. PS 30 II ( 30 A)




  1. MFJ-989D ( 3 KW)

Antennas :

  1. Cushcraft A3S ( 14/21/28 MHZ)
  2. DK7ZB 4 ELEMENT DUAL BAND (24.5& 18 MHZ)
  3. 5/8 VERTICAL ( 144 MHZ )
  4. 2 X 5/8 VERTICAL (440 MHZ)
  5. XM-240 DRIVE ( 7 MHZ )
  6. DK7ZB 4 ELEMENT DUAL BAND (24.5 & 18 MHZ)
  7. DIPOLE 1/2 (3,5 MHZ )

Some Information about my city :

Belm is a Brazilian city, the capital and largest city of state of Par in the country's north. It is the entrance gate to the River Amazon with a busy port, airport, and bus/coach station. Belm lies approximately 100 km upriver from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Par River, which is part of the greater Amazon River system, separated from the larger part of the Amazon delta by Ilha de Maraj (Marajo Island). With an estimated population of 2,202,056 people or 3,749,405, considering its metropolitan area it is the 10 th most populous city in Brazil (besides being the second largest in the North Region, second only to Manaus, in Amazonas state) as well as the 16th by economic relevance.

Founded in 1616 by the Kingdom of Portugal, Belm was the first European colony on the Amazon but did not become part of Brazil until 1775. The newer part of the city has modern buildings and skyscrapers. The colonial portion retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. Recently it witnessed a skyscraper boom.

Belm, literally Bethlehem is also known as the Metropolis of the Brazilian Amazon region or the Cidade das Mangueiras (city of mango trees) due to the vast number of those trees found in the city. Brazilians often refer to the city as Belm do Par ("Belm of Par") rather than just Belm, a reference to an earlier name for the city, Santa Maria de Belm do Gro Par, and also to differentiate it from a number of other towns called Belm in Brazil. It is named after Santa Maria de Belm in Lisbon, also better known by its shortened name, Belm.

Belm is served by two airports: Val de Ces International Airport, which connects the city with the rest of Brazil and other cities in South America and Brig. Protsio de Oliveira Airport (Jlio Csar) Airport dedicated to general aviation.

The city is also home to the Federal University of Par.

Some Informations about Par State:

Par is a state in northern Brazil. It borders the Brazilian states of (clockwise from north) Amap, Maranho, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Amazonas and Roraima. To the northwest it also borders Guyana and Suriname, and to the northeast it borders the Atlantic Ocean. The capital and largest city is Belm, the 11th most populous city in the country.

Par is the most populous state of the northern region with a population of over 7.5 million, being the ninth most populous state in Brazil.[2] It is the second largest state of Brazil in area, with 1,2 million km, second only to Amazonas. Its most famous icons are the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest. Par produces rubber (extracted from natural rubber tree groves), tropical hardwoods such as mahogany, and minerals such as iron ore and bauxite.

Every October, Belm receives tens of thousands of tourists for the year's most important religious celebration, the procession of the Crio de Nazar. Another important attraction of the capital is the Maraj-style ceramics, based on pottery from the extinct Maraj indigenous culture, whose designs have gained considerable international fame.


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