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Thespecialcallsignof the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

peration time 01.01.2014 - 31.03.2014

In honor of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia holds Amateur Radio Union in November 2013 - March 2014 Activity Days " Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014". Are invited to attend all radio amateurs around the world.

1.1. Dates:
Start : 00:00 UTC November 8, 2013 Closing time : 24.00 UTC 31 March 2014
1.2. General:
1.2.1 . The main purpose - to attract the attention of the world public radio amateur for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi. This goal is achieved by the work of special radio dispatch commemorative QSL-cards and Awards.
1.2.2 . The Days of Activity " Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014" carried out by the Organizing Committee, which is formed by order of the President of the RAF.
1.2.3 . Organization and coordination of special stations , control of manufacturing and mailing QSL-cards and issuing certificates produced by the Organizing Committee.
1.2.4 . Lists of specific radio stations are published on the website of the RAF Organizing Committee no later than 15 December 2013 .
1.2.5 . Period of work stations and R1980MR1980Lfrom 8 November 2013 to 7 February 2014 .
1.2.6 . The period of work of all the other special radio stations from 1 January to 31 March 2014 .
1.2.7 . On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the authorized persons will be ethereal control participants Days activity.
1.3. Award Program
1.3.1 .Award"OLYMPIC GAMES SOCHI 2014"
Issued for connection with special radio call sign series R2014x ( one letter in the suffix ) .
Call letters of the last words you would type :
Grade III - SOCHI ( hold due to the R2014S, R2014O, R2014C, R2014H, R2014I).
A total of 5 callsigns .
Grade II - OLYMPIC SOCHI ( hold due to R2014O, R2014L, R2014Y, ., R2014I).
Connection with the R2014S , R2014I, R2014O counted twice. Only 9 of call
Grade I - OLYMPIC GAMES SOCHI ( hold due to R2014O, R2014L, R2014Y, ., R2014H, R2014I).
Connection with the R2014C, R2014I, R2014M, R2014O, R2014S counted twice. A total of 12 call signs .
Because of the special radio R1980M ( Moscow ),R1980L("LENINGRAD", new St. Petersburg ), R7378TM, R7975TM, R7979TM can replace any two missing letters . For example, the words "Olympic Games Sochi R1980M substitute letter O ( twice) , and the letter C R7378TM ( twice).
Issued for connection with special radio call sign series R22xxx and R11xxx ( three letters in the suffix ) .
Each combination of three letters suffix devoted to the Winter Olympic or Paralympic sport. R22xxx - winter Olympic sports , R11xxx - Winter Paralympic sports . Total 21.
R11ALS - Alpine Skiing
R22ALS - Alpine Skiing
R11BIA - Biathlon ( Paralympic )
R22BIA - Biatlon
R22BOB - Bobsleigh
R11CRC - Cross Country( Paralympic )
R22CRC - Cross Country
R22CUR - Curling
R22FRS - Freestyle
R22FIS - Figure Skasting
R22ICH - Ice Hockey
R11ISH - Ice Sledge Hockey
R22LUG - Luge
R22NOC - Nordic Combined
R11PSB -Para-Snowboard
R22SNB - Snowboard
R22SKJ - Ski Jumping
R22SKE - Skeleton
R22SPS - Speed Skating
R22STR - Short Track
R11WCU - Wheelchair Curling
The award is issued three classes :
"Bronze " - for connection with the special call sign , 9 dedicated sports;
"Silver" - for connection with the special callsign devoted 14 sports ;
"Gold " - for connection with the special callsign devoted 18 sports .
Because of the special radio R1980M ( Moscow ),R1980L( "LENINGRAD", new St. Petersburg ), R7378TM, R7975TM, R7979TM can replace any missing two of the sport. For example , R1980M can replace R11ICH, andR1980Lcan replace R22SKE.
Issued for communications with special stations operating in the air after the Olympics. Need to score 500 points .
QSOs with any Russian radio stations that use temporary special callsign (including non-system , that is not covered by these Regulations ), and whose work is dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sochi ( in callsign using the numbers 2014 , 22 , 11 , 0000 , and torchbearers R7378TM, R7975TM, R7979TM).
Repeated QSOs on other bands , but in the same range - another type of radiation (Phone, CW, Digital).
The order of addition of points :
Connection with any radio station R2014x, R22xxx, R11xxx (R11ALS too), Rx22xx, Rx11xx
(Where x - letter ) , as well as any non-system radio
- 1 point
Contact the radio station of Sochi - RC22xx, RO22xx, R2014S ( where x - a letter)
- 4 points
Contact the radio station R1980M,R1980L, R7378TM, R7975TM, R7979TM
- 4 points
The amount of points multiplied by the factor :
Russia , Europe - 1
Asia and Africa - 2
North America - 3
South America , Australia and Oceania - 4
Radio stations to get 1000 , 1500 and 2014, points will be awarded with special Awards .
1.3.4 . General conditions for all Awards.
- QSO done on all amateur bands ( 160m , 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m , 2m, 70cm, 23cm ) in any mode (Phone, CW, Digital);
- All awards are free and are issued in electronic form ;
- An application for any certificate can be issued online Award programs and there, in the case of confirmation of the claimed connections , you can immediately get a degree in electronic form ;
- Applications can also be sent to the address
- Is it possible to accept applications and expulsion of Award in paper form . Contact: Loukashov Valentin RK6AX, P. O. Box 77, 354200 , Sochi , Russia


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