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Special Event Station

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Special Event Station

Radiomaraphone "MOSCOW-870"

May 21st- May 31th



Moscow uprising - the revolt of the citizens on May 27th 1606 in Moscow against the false Dmitry I. During this uprising the false Dmitry was killed. The new tsar became Vasily Shuisky.

The uprising began after the shock alarm on the bell tower of the monastery Church of Elijah the prophet in China town per Vasily Shuisky request. Right after the shock alarm the crowd run to the Kremlin and to the buildings where Polish pans located. Shuiskies, Golitchin, Tatitsev entered the Red Square accompanied by armed with swords, hammers and spears 200 people. Shuisky was screaming that Lithuania is trying to kill the Tsar and requested citizens to protect him. This trick made the deal. The excited Muscovites began to beat and to Rob the poles. Stanislav Nemoevsky who was in Moscow at this time took a note and made a list of killed poles. 524 of them were killed. The false Dmitry was killed in Kremlin. His body was burned


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