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Special event station Valeriy V. Bazhenov

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R1961AG - Special event call sign. This command will be active during the period from April 8th to April 13th.

UA4CGR - Valery V. Bazhenov

RK4CYW - Aleksandr I. Makevkin

RA4DR - Sergey G. Kokorin

RQ4C - Aleksey A. Savinov

RX4CD - Sergey V. Kandalov

R4CDP - Aleksandr N. Zhidkov

R4CEV - Svetlana I. Soboleva

RA4DZ - Oleg N. Nuykin

Some members of this command during of period, from April 10th to April 13th, I will are active as R1961GP, from the place of the a landing of the first cosmonaut of the planet Earth, Y. A. Gagarin - "Gagarin field". This place to be on left coast of Volga river. Exact geographical coordinates - 5116' N, 4559'E, near the village of Smelovka. WWLocator: LO21xg, RDA SA-56.

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