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As it known, 2017 the year of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the first state reserve 1, is declared in Russia as the Ecology Year. The main tasks of the Ecology Year are solutions of the problems to ensure environmental safety and to preserve the unique nature of Russia. Among the many important events and projects it is planned to open 11 new and expand two existing protected areas (specially protected natural areas nature reserves, national parks, etc.) within the framework of the Ecology Year.

We, in turn, try not to stay aside and take part within our powers in so significant event for all of us.

To do this, we have arranged a special callsign R2017F (Russia-2017-Field), and will use it for for amateur radio activity from various specially protected natural areas during three months. Some of those areas get RFF-references (Russian Flora & Fauna in the RFF, WFF and WWFF ham radio award programs) and are absolutely new ones on the radio amateur map of the world not without our participation.

To the best of our ability we will try not only to present these specially protected natural areas in the radio amateur air, but also to narrate about them on the our website pages.

R2017F will be active from May 1 to July 31, 2017 only from the territory of various specially protected natural areas (RFF-#### according to the RFF, WFF and WWFF award programs) using only QRP-power on different bands and different modes in accordance with the Rules of the Field Flowers outdoor QRP Marathon.

Specific days, time, bands, modes, etc. will be announced in our announcements calendar, in Agenda section of the WWFF website, in the WWFF group of the Facebook, in radio amateur clusters.

QSO with R2017F we will confirm by eQSL for all in the log, paper QSL-cards (most likely, different cards for different RFF and/or regions) only responding to direct QSLs or by OQRS.

Three HAMs who will collect QSO with R2017F from the largest number of different RFF-references will get special prizes from Outdoor QRP AG.

The special two degrees short term Ecosphere Award is established for all radio amateurs of the world. It will be issued for QSOs with R2017F and with participants of the Field Flowers outdoor QRP Marathon. More details about the terms of the Ecosphere Award are in the section Awards of our web site.


Please, do not send your QSL-cards via bureau.
We are not members of Russian national QSL-bureau.
We do not send paper QSL-cards via bureau, sorry.

All QSO are confirmed in eQSL, logs are uploaded to WWFF-service. If you need (still need? :-) ) our real paper QSL-cards (indeed? ;-) ), there are no more ways since November, 01. All appropriate OQRS sent before November 01, 2017 will be satisfied mostly in November.


May 01, 2017 RFF-0195 Bitsevsky Les Nature Park, Moscow, RDA: MA-09
May 08, 2017 RFF-0101 Yuzhno-Uralsky Nature Reserve, Bashkortostan, RDA: BA-38, SOTA R9U/SO-065
May 17, 2017 RFF-0147 Ugra Nature Reserve, Kaluga reg., RDA: KG-30
June 15, 2017 RFF-0475 Ugransky State Biological Reserve, Smolensk reg., RDA: SM-25
June 20, 2017 RFF-0200 Moskvoretsky Nature Park, Moscow, RDA: MA-06
June 27, 2017 RFF-0200 Moskvoretsky Nature Park, Moscow, RDA: MA-06
July 23, 2017 RFF-0462 Sundozersky Section Natural Monument, Karelia, RDA: KL-12
July 04, 2017 RFF-0455 Hirvas Section of the Suna river canyon Natural Monument, Karelia, RDA: KL-12
July 13, 2017 RFF-0490 Lokhin Ostrov Natural Monument, Moscow reg., RDA: MO-68
July 15, 2017 RFF-0313 Iremel National Park, Bashkortostan, RDA: BA-38 SOTA R9U/SO-002, Bolshoy Iremel, 1582 m a.s.l.
July 16, 2017 RFF-0495 Podushkinsky Les Natural Recreational Complex, Moscow reg., RDA: MO-77
July 19, 2017 RFF-0107 Kandry-Kul National Park, Bashkortostan, RDA: BA-73
July 21, 2017 RFF-0480 Bolshaya Sestra river upper reaches Nature Reserve, Moscow reg., RDA: MO-64
July 28, 2017 RFF-0314 Meshchersky Nature Park, Moscow reg., RDA: MO-77
July 31, 2017 RFF-0486 Kuzminsky complex reserve State Nature Reserve, Moscow reg., RDA: MO-58

Now R2017F is QRT forever.

1 The first nature reserve of Russia Barguzinsky was organized at the junction of 1916 and 1917. Special sable expeditions to Siberia and to Kamchatka were organized in 1913-1915 to implement the Project to survey Sable regions in Russia. Their task was to survey the habitat of the sable, looking for the best places for the organization of nature reserves and the planning of these reserves. Considering the exceptional value of the fur of the dark Barguzin sable, which lives on the western slopes of the Barguzinsky Range, the expedition led by George Doppelmair was commissioned to survey the Podlemor territory (from the peninsula of St. Nose to Lake Frolikha). The scientists performed a serious surveys for almost two years (1914-1916) in the most difficult conditions learning habits and lifestyle of the Barguzin sable, the state of sable hunting and exploring the territory. The Irkutsk Governor-general issued a decree on the organization of the Barguzin sable nature reserve on May 17, 1916 based on the materials of the expedition, and this document was approved by the Russian Government on December 29, 1916.

The establishing of nature reserves and national parks is a traditional and effective form of environmental protection in Russia. The Ecological Doctrine of Russia considers the creation and development of specially protected nature areas of different levels and regimes among the main directions of state policy in the field of ecology.

The existing system of Russian specially protected areas now includes:
103 federal state nature reserves;
48 federal national parks;
64 federal state habitat/species managed protected areas;
2261 regional state habitat/species managed protected areas;
7745 nature monuments;
64 regional state nature parks.
In addition, more than 2,300 of other regional and local (municipal) state specially protected natural areas categories have been established.

The total area of all the above Specially Protected Natural Territories is 206.7 million hectares (including land with inland water bodies - 195.5 million hectares) or 11.4% of the entire territory of the Russia.

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