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International radio marathon Russian New Year - 2017

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At the threshold of the New 2017, the Miller MO SRR,

the club of fans of distant radio MILLER-DX-CLUB

with the participation of SRR (Russian Amateur Radio Union),

carried out an international radio marathon "Russian New Year - 2017".

Start marathon: 25 December2016at 00.00 UTC

Finish: 14 January 2017at 23.59 UTC

Info on the website:

On all Amateur bands,all modes will be
sound special callsigns:
RW17NY,RZ17NY from all Federal district of Russia.
Call sign: RA17NY is the team of the Rostov region and is the station wild.
QSL Manager for all callsigns is special RQ7L
We invite all radio Amateurs of the world to take an active part in this sporting event.
During the radio marathon,a QSO/SWL with the special
governmental radio stations,you can fulfill the terms of the receipt.
"Happy New year",an electronic and paper format of diplomas:
- "Russian Christmas", 1-2-3 degrees
- "New year walks on Russia"
- "Christmas"
- "Old New year",
As well as plaques of the international level, "Russia new year" and
Diploma program dedicated to the radio marathon "Russia New Year 2017".
To receive new year greetings and diplomas must dial following number of points.
New year's Greetings 5 points.
Diploma class 3 "Russia new year" - 20 points
Diploma class 2 "Russian Christmas" - 25 points
The diploma of 1 class "Russian Christmas" - 30 points
Diploma "New year walks on Russia" - 35 points
Diploma "Christmas" - 40 points
The diploma of the "Old New year" - 45 points
Each QSO with the special station gives you 1 point,with the station-
Joker RA17NY 5 points.
For radio Amateurs from Europe,Africa,North and South AME-
Ricky,Asia and Oceania (excluding Amateur radio from ROS-
these and CIS countries ) points are doubled.
Repeated QSO/SWL are counted at different HF and VHF range-
zones and one band in different modes: CW,
PHONE,DIGITAL ( all digital modes count as one kind ).
For radio Amateurs operating on VHF ( 144 MHz and above ) points
for QSO/SWL are multiplied by a factor of - 10
Electronic certificates are issued automatically on the website
http://ny2017.hamlog.rusolely on the basis of uploaded
of special stations logs.
To receive paper versions of diplomas,and also observed
release,you must submit an application by
Payment of one copy of the paper version of the diploma of origi-
converges in the amount of 200 rubles,including shipping by registered mail
Russian post card.
The conditions for obtaining the plaques
Plaques "Russia new year"&"MERRY CHRISTMAS RUSSIA".
To obtain them you need to install - 8 QSO/SWL with all
Federal districts of Russia.One missing FD can be replaced with radio station wild RA17NY.
For radio Amateurs from Europe,Asia,Africa,North and South
America,Asia and Oceania ( with the exception of radio Amateurs from
Russia and CIS countries ) must be set to 4 the QSO/SWL of
four FO.
For radio Amateurs operating on VHF ( 144 MHz and higher ) for
receiving the plaques,you need to install one (1) QSO/SWL
with any special station.
Plaques are made on substrates of precious wood,
high quality print on a plate of metal with a glossy pok-
ritiem. Size of plaques: 210 x 250mm.
Cost of plaques for radio Amateurs from Russia 1950 rubles
with the delivery by Post of Russia to Sberbank card.
For radio Amateurs from CIS 2800 rubles through
For foreign radio Amateurs 52 USD or 48 EURO through
Operators of SPS to obtain the diplomas and plaques you need
to spend not less than 500 QSOs.
By results of work of special stations,nonresident radiotube-
teli,which will hold the greatest number of QSOs they will nag
rajdeny prizes,the most active hams Boo
will be awarded diplomas from the "ILLER-DX-CLUB" in the paper
The result can be viewed on the page "TOP"on SAI
The most active operators of the SPS will be awarded with diplomas
and prizes from the "MILLER-DX-CLUB".
Note to promoters: at least once a day to upload QSO
special call signs that
will sound out FO Russia.
North-Western Federal district RW17NY
Central Federal district RC17NY
Volga Federal district RT17NY
Southern Federal district RO17NY
North Caucasian Federal district RK17NY
The Ural Federal district RM17NY
Siberian Federal district RU17NY
The far Eastern Federal district RZ17NY
The team of the Rostov region RA17NY - station-Joker


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