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SC9SM is a special call during April 1, 2017until Dec 31,2017activated by
SK5SM to celebrate the 90 years ago whenThe Motala LW broadcast station
beganoperations in 1927 with a 30 kW TXbuilt by Marconi. The towers are

120 m high with a cage antenna betweenthe towers. The first TX was replaced
1935 with a 150 kW TX - the strongestBC station in Europe for some time.
In 1962 Motala went QRT.

The callStockholm- Motala became a household name in every Swedish
home when the station began broadcasting.Today, Motala Radio Amateurs
using that suffix SM (SK5SM and SC9
SM) in their calls.SMis an abbreviation
of Stockholm-Motala which means that the audio was sent via a telephone
line from Stockholm to the transmitter in Motala.

The old station building now houses SK5SM and MOTALA BROADCASTING
MUSEUM - loaded with old TX's from 1920 and forward. Open during summer.
Visit us - you will love it!

All QSL's will be sent out after the expire of the call, probably January 2018.

QSL via Bureau OK

QSL direct viaSM5ELV Kent. Please enclose SAE and postage.


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