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Enrico Stumpf-Siering

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IOTA & WWFF-Expedition 2017

May 20./21. QRV from land, EU-037 signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SD5Y/7

May 21. 25. based within SMFF-0366 / Ekn on a camping site.
from there we go by boat at least once to EU-177 during daylight. call signs are SD7V/5, SD3G/5 and SD5Y.

May 25.-27. signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SD5Y/7 again, finally we will activate EU-138 from Tjurk

Operations will be CW and SSB.

SD7V Activities 2007-2016
2007 October from Ven, IOTA EU-137
2008 September/October from Sturk, IOTA EU-138
26.05.2011 SD7V/3 IOTA EU-087
01./02. 06.2011 SD7V/2 IOTA EU-139
11.05. - 14.05.2012 SD7V/6 from Orust (IOTA EU-043)
14.05. - 16.05.2012 SMFF-024, SMFF-009, (SD7V/4); SMFF-026 (SD7V/6)
06.04.2013 SMFF-008 SD7V/4
11.08.-23.08. 2013 SD7V EU-037
25.05.-26.06. 2016 SD7V/2 EU-139

QSL via DL2VFR (bureau or direct)


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