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Klaus-Peter (Klaus) Dreessen

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 5680

2017-IOTA & WWFF-Expedition

May 20./21. QRV from land,EU-037signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SD5Y/7 (me)

May 21. 25. based withinSMFF-0366/ Ekn on a camping site from there we go by boat at least once toEU-177during daylight (Fang and Krakmar). call signs are SD7V/5, SD3G/5 and SD5Y.

May 25.-27. signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SD5Y/7 again, finally we will activateEU-138from Tjurk

QSL for SD5Y only via DARC Buro or direkt to my Adress in Germany. MNY TKS, 73 es GL. Klaus


fine that you visit my page. My name is Klaus, born in 1961. In 1979 I get
my first licence. One year later, after the cw-exam: DL2YBG. After 3 decades of qrt, I am QRV again, since December 2012.
I enjoy CW and QRP/Low power for great satisfaction.
My station is a K3 with a P3, a Belagi key and a Groundplane Antenna (WARC Bands 6 mtr over gnd) and a Endfed Wire (23 mtr long/10 mtr high) for all the other bands 160-6 mtr.
For RTTY/PSK I use the Mode "CW to Data".That meams, I dont use a PC, the TX-Text is given with the Morse-key, the RX-Text I can see on the K3-Display.
Since May 2015, I activate the Castle Syke WCA: DL 04438/NBN 077
If I work QRP or QRPp, I don`t use the suffix:"/qrp". You can find the info
on my Paper-QSL. In 2013, more than 20% are qrp-QSO`s, in 2014 actually there are more than 650 CW-QRP-Qsos in my log.

QSL-Policy: Whenever I work you for the first time,or on a new band or mode, I will immediately send a QSL via the bureau,unless you advise otherwise.

I use also EQSL and LoTW, but prefer paper-qsl.
Hpe hear you on the Bands.
Gl es vy 73
DARC: OV Syke, DOK: I25
AGCW-DL: 837
DIG: 6366
EPC: 21955

Info: Picture on my new QSL-card (sine 09/2014) : Baltic-Sea/Isl. Aero (IOTA-Ref: EU172) - A little bridge near Aeroskobing Havn. Made in summer 2014 during our holiday sailing-cruise.

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