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Commemoration of Atatrk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey

The Commemoration of Atatrk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey features state ceremonies and sports

events throughout the country on May 19 each year. Young Turkish athletes carry the Turkish flag from a

Black Sea port to the countrys capital to commemorate Turkeys War of Independence (19191923).

What Do People Do?

In the run-up to the May 19 celebrations, young Turkish athletes carry the national flag fromSamsun, a Black Sea port from where Mustafa Kemal Atatrk started Turkeys War of Independence in 1919, to Ankara, the countrys capital. The marathon usually takes about 10 days. The Turkish president accepts the flag at a ceremony on May 19.

Various sports events take place on May 19 throughout Turkey. Many people celebrate this day by watching athletes perform at their local stadiums or by participating in sports events that are open to the public, such as half-marathons. University students usually prepare special programs for their teachers and parents on this day.

Many Turks also observe May 19 as Atatrks birthday. Although the exact date of his birth is not known, Atatrk used to say he was born on May 19 (referring to his political career). Many people lay wreaths to Atatrks monuments and hang Turkish flags outside their windows.

Public Life

The Commemoration of Atatrk, Youth and Sports Day is an official holiday in Turkey. All administration buildings, post offices, schools, and most businesses are closed on this day. Public transport routes may vary in the event of marathons and similar events.


The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatrk, arrived in Samsun on May 19, 1919, to start a popular uprising against the decision of the World War I allies to divide many territories of the defeated Ottoman Empire. Turkey presently accepts the date of Atatrks arrival in Samsun as the starting date of the Turkish War of Independence. Following Atatrks wish, the Turkish government declared May 19 to be Youth and Sports Day and made it an official holiday in 1938. The day received its present name, the Commemoration of Atatrk, Youth and Sports Day, in 1981, which became the 100th anniversary of Atatrks birth.


The Turkish flag, images of Atatrk and the boat on which he arrived in Samsun, as well as images related to sports are the symbols of the Commemoration of Atatrk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey.


It is an activity jointly organized by Sakrad and Trak associations.

Active since: 19.20.21 may 2017

Operators: TA2DX Gurel Ozbakis....TA2ABC Erdal Guler....TA1BX Ozden Burhan BALKAC....

Kefken Island is the 159th largest island of the Asian continent. It is half a mile from the island Cebeci beach. Historical remains reminiscent of the island, which has hosted the Genoese, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans throughout history.

The closest point to Kefken Island is Cebeci. It is possible to go out to the right side of the beach with a fishing boat. It is possible to reach the island by renting a boat from Kefken Port. There is a considerable harbor on the island. It is a harbor where even the medium-sized vessels are a haven when sea conditions make it difficult. When you reach the island from the port there is a very nice mini beach in the northeast part of the island. When you start to walk around the beach and around the island, you will see that the historic remains begin. Especially the Genoese and Roman city walls are standing upright. The island is around 45 acres. You need about 2 hours to tour around the island.

Kefken Island is the first-class site. Above the island is the settlement of the Coastal Emineyetine. A few observations and radar buildings serve a large marine lighthouse and a seamen who are having problems in the sea with the attack boats connected to the lima.

Many families have lived on the island many years ago. You can follow these trails by following the pathways leading into the island. The island is on the island of Osman, one of the oldest sceneries of Kefken Island. Mustafa is the survivor of Osman who is the father of life. Two twin sons and a lady live in a very pretty house in the north of the island.

Kefken Island's plantation is dominated by laurel trees. Here you can collect and dry the largest defenses of the region for healing from fresh leaves. There is a lot of story about the island, but the most interesting thing is that there are 40 water wells and 39 of these wells are found in 40 nc wells.

Entering the sea around the island requires some experience. The island of Kefken, which has a very lively sea, has the best of fresh fish. Among the mysterious waters of the island are nets of fishermen's nets, such as Nisa shield, barbu and istavrit in May, bonito, torik and lupus between September and November, and all year-round species such as perch, kefal, and bald eagle. It is possible to find fish every season. In order to catch the island fish, you have to stop by the bar on the beach of Cebeci early in the morning.

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