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Nuri Boylu

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It was arranged for the memory of the conquest of the city of Mecca in MS 630.

Mekke ehrinin MS 630 da fetih edilme ans iin dzenlenmitir.


TA3X, Nuri, CW --TA3CY, Ycel ,SSB --TA1EF, Esamettin ,SSTV-- TA3AER, Kadir , RTTY --

TA3EC, Nedim PSK63 , MFSK --TA3AHJ, Haluk FT-8 --TA1API , Samim , SSB --TA4ED, Atilla ,SSB

Callsign :TC630MECCA
Dates :01/11/2017- 14/01/2018
Power : 100-400w

PA :Alpha 9500

Antennas:A4S , FD-4 Multiband dipol, 80/160 mt dipol, skywire square loop antenna,dx engineering RF-PRO-1B activite Magnetic Loop Antennas RF-PRO-1B


Modes :all mode, cw, ssb,rtty, psk,sstv
QSL details :QSL info the explanation is down ,

QSL Policy

In plain words, we are not able to send a QSL card for each contact. But all the QSL cards are replied by the same way of request. Contest contacts are also treated as regular DX contacts, in terms of QSLing. We have a huge offline database of logs and your QSL can be confirmed easily.

QSL policy can be summarized as: REPLY ONLY, VIA DIRECT or BUREAU, NO eQSL, NO LOTW

Via Direct

Directrequests are treated as a priority and replied in a few weeks,when the activity is over.

You should include at least 2 US Dollars or 1 IRC coupon with your QSL card. We are pleased to receive a self addressed envelope (SAE) or an address label with the request. Our postal address for directQRZ.COMs is:

If you send your card but it does not meet therequirements above, it will be returned via bureau.

Via Bureau

Depending of your and our bureau performance, a delay of several months or few years is to be expected.

Internet Services

We dont use any third party internet services such as eQSL,qrz.comand LOTW.


Although we have REPLY ONLY policy, we may send QSL cards to very special stations such as rare callsigns, without waiting any request.

In case of hand exchange in HAM Fairs etc, confirmation may be bypassed.

If we are unsure about contacts, in case of mobile activities or any short sessions, we may bypass the confirmation process and reply the request with correcting our missing record in our logbook.

Email requests with an acceptable reason may have priority upon our QSL policies. Fell free to contact us.


Nuri, TA3X


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