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QSL: LOTW, EQSL buro and direct via S50C

Corsica Dxpedition - QTH Sant Ambroggio

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lookups: 14452

NEWS FLASH!!! TK0C is warming up - QRV 20-28th of November 2017

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A team consists of TK5EP, S53BB, S53CC, S53F, S53MM, S53RM, S53ZO, S55OO, S57C, S57L, S57Kwill be active asTK0Cduring the CQWW CW contest (Nov 25-26, 2017). Activity with TK/personal callsigns before/after contest. Big focus on low bands and digital (FT8, RTTY)

Thank you for your support and donation dear friends. Every cent will be very wisely spend!

TK0C supporters: S53V, S57KM, S53CO, here might be your call too!


2015, 2016 historical entries.

Team Yellow - TK0C finishedCQWW M/2 operation, LOTW and EQSL already uploaded! TNX everyone

QRV 22nd-29th of November TK/owncall

Ops: S57C, S53WW, S53F, S57L, S53CC, S53ZO, S53BB, S50P, S55OO, S53RM

Any donations for our project aremore than welcome andwill be verywisely spend!

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S50XX, S53M, S55W, S59DEM, S50C, S50K, S57VW, S53MM, S55HH, S58WW, S54O, S57AL, S57KM, S53V, S53XX, S53CO, S53RI, KB8VAO, S57XX, NI0G, S57M, S59AA ... here might beYourCALL too.


Station: TKC

Class:M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Southern Europe

Summary: Compare Scores
Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 923 19 80
80: 2466 34 117
40: 3728 40 152
20: 3276 39 143
15: 1577 37 140
10: 117 11 39
Total: 12087 180 671 Total Score 18,464,147

Club: Belokranjec Contest Club

Comments: [email] 2016-11-28 00:49:44

What we didnt have in this contest is aluminium tubes. What we had is true friendship, big heart and many, many QSOs. What started as a single van expedition as II0C in 2014 and continued as M/S TK0C in 2015, resulted as 12.087 QSO and 18,5 mio points in this years M/2 as TK0C. Still originating from a field day style setup idea we loaded a single van and two cars with fiberglass poles, stations, amps and kilometers of coax and wire. Our newest addition this year is a QSO generator - box that solves 2 amps - 1 radio, antenna reverse - crossover, PTT interlock & RX/TX antenna distribution. Although prototype, it worked flawlessly during the whole contest. All antenna work was done from Monday evening till Thursday and we were amazed what ten guys, organized in three teams can accomplish. Disassembly was done in a few hours. The team spirit and motivation was at high level during the whole contest so all five operating positions were busy all the time.

We erected: Spiderbeam 1 on a 12m crank up tower - used by Run1 and Run2 on 20/15/10 Spiderbeam 2 on a 10m crank up tower - used by MULT VDA for 20 - used by Inband1 or Inband2 VDA for 15 - used by Inband1 or Inband2 VDA for 10 - used by Inband1 or Inband2 4sq 40m Verticals- used by Run1 or MULT 2x 40m Verticals (dir NA) - used by Inband1 80m Vertical - used by Run2 or MULT 80m low dipole - used by Run2 160m INV-L - used by Run2 or MULT Hi-Z 4 verticals receiving array used by Run2 and MULT All the RunX, InbandX antennas could be switched over (crossover) between the stations. 2x IC 7600 3x TS590S 2x OMPower 2500a 1x OMPower 2000+ QSO generator box made by S53CC, S53RM, S53WW and S51RM. LP BPF filters S53MM design HP BPF filters & Triplexers by 4O3A The only thing that remains now is how to explain to our wives that we did something good last week and that they should be happy as well :) If you liked what we did please consider visiting our homepage at and use Send us a beer donation button.

SH5: On behalf of TK0C 2016 team Simon, S53ZO



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