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lookups: 49373

All 2012, 2013 and 2014 QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW

For a ClubLog search of my 2012/2013/2014 activities please see at the end of this page. Although all QSOs are appreciated, please give a chance to others in a pile-up when you already worked me on that band / in that mode. Thanks for your cooperation.

Found at T5TC/TA1HZ, my friend Tevfik - "if you are not in the log, YOU ARE NOT IN THE LOG". Even direct requests will not change that. If you don't find your call on LoTW or ClubLog, please send me an e-mail with the contact details, I then will check whether by mistake I did type in your call wrongly into my log (nobody is perfect....).

QSLing: I will answer 100% via bureau if you choose this way, no need to waste money for direct QSLs. For my QSL policy please see

Those who want to pick up their QSL card during Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen in 2016, please send me an e-mail with the QSL dates, and we can exchange QSL personally.

2014 activity

Have safely reached the island and re-installed the 5-band Spiderbeam after it had been taken down because of a holiday trip of Bruno. A 40m-Dipole has been installed, too. First QSOs have been made on March 21st evening local time (UTC + 3 hours), last QSO most probably will be on April 4th before noon local time. As in the past years, I intend to participate in the WPX phone. My call will be again TO7BC for all the stay on the island. Will be looking forward to meeting you during those 15 days of activity.

TO7BC is QRT now, after some busy days on the radio and others not so busy I thank everybody who contacted me, spotted me in the cluster, gave feedback to my signal and so on. Sorry for those stations which could not reach me.... It was again a nice experience running pile-ups.

All QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW and can be checked further down this site at ClubLog. If you don't find your call in ClubLog, please send me an e-mail, I will verify and give you my feedback.

2013 activity

Reached Mayotte on March 26th and could run my first QSOs the same evening. Most of the QSOs were in SSB, but there are also about 25% of digital QSOs in the log (RTTY and various PSK). Not having practised CW for more than 25 years, it was hard to convince me to run 3 QSOs with stateside stations on sked in the end RST and callsigns have been exchanged, later did run 2 more CW contacts with friends of my local club chapter. The WPX phone was not as successful as in 2012, but again 1.100 QSOs on 10m only were obviously a nice result. 20m and 15m did not work out fine :-(

From Sunday April 7th to Tuesday 9th I was QRV under FH/DL7BC from a beach hotel and tried to work with a vertical antenna on 40m and 80m in the evening/night hours (UTC). No idea why, but the results were very poor - no QSO on 80m at all, and just a few 40m contacts, some of them in digital modes. It was wasted time and money to set up the equipment for that purpose (in addition it was raining in the daytime, so I even could not enjoy the time off on the beach....), on the other side I was working nice pile-ups on 20m with Japanese, European and American stations without need to turn the antenna ;-)

Now that the trip is over - thanks to everybody calling me, for your patience to get through in the pile-up or trying it again whenever I was QRV, for your patience especially while I was working RTTY/PSK because quite often the computer was frozen after logging the QSO.

Hartwig, DL7BC / TO7BC.

2012 activity

Reached Mayotte on March 20th, 2012 around noon time, with all of my luggage missing.... Kenya Airways just had misplaced all my belongings in the wrong compartment with destination Moroni (D6), the next stop of the aircraft on its way back to Nairobi. By luck they unloaded my stuff in Moroni and another airline took it back to Mayotte. In the evening I finally got all my luggage.

In the night I set up my equipment (IC 7000 with LDG 7000 tuner and Microham USB interface III) and connected it to the Spiderbeam (HD) 5-band (10-20m) antenna - trying to catch some PSK signals. I was never before using digital modes, so try it in the night where there are less people - learning by doing. Successfully completetd 10 QSOs, then my IC 7000 went Silent Key. It automatically switched off and on again once I started to transmit or push the PTT, even at (very) low power. Gave up in the end. :-(

By luck I was visiting my friend Bruno FH4VOS, who is fully equipped (YAESU FT 920), but just for SSB. No problem as this is my favourite mode. On March 21st and 22nd I was running QSOs using FH/DL7BC under the CEPT-agreement.

Activity under TO7BC started on March 23rd, usually with pile-ups which I never experienced before, even not when operating under CN2BC. But I think I managed it quite well, often using split to keep my calling frequency clear of QRM.

Nice openings especially on 10m and 12m made a lot of fun. 20m to my disappointment was not working well, very difficult to get answers even after calling CQ for 5 minutes. So back to the higher bands...

The participation in the WPX (phone) contest brought another 1505 QSOs in the log, less than expected. Less than 100 QSOs on 20m, it was really frustrating not being heard by stations which I could hear with 9+10dB. 10m saved my score, 1213 QSOs were in the log at the end.

On March 28th, Bruno FH4VOS, Phill FH8NX and me where operating from Bruno's school in a well prepared project around "communication". The FT 920 was set up with a W3DZZ, and in the morning hours we could run some QSOs with FR and 3B8 stations who stood by for this project. Some pupils took the mike and run their first QSOs in their life. The local TV station "Mayotte Premire" was present and interviewed some of the pupils about their experience. In the evening TV news we were on the screen for about 3 minutes ;-)

The last of all in all around 5.900 QSOs was run on April 6th with RX6CC at 09:00 UTC on 15m. Still a lot of guys were calling, but I had to go QRT to get ready for my flight back. Countries worked: 135 - confirmed: 91

Thanks to those who contacted me, sorry to those who did not get through in the pile-ups. Please try again in 2013...

Hartwig, DL7BC / TO7BC

My QSLs used for confirmation of the QSOs:

Some pictures from the island....

Me and my equipmentMe and my equipment

TO7BC on IOTA AF-027

maki in the garden

Bruno FH4VOS and friend....

traces of turtles on the beach

hanging and flying around - flying foxes

geckos and lizards can be found everywhere

The communication project at school - Mathilde on the mike and Phill FH8NX supporting

Bruno FH4VOS interviewed by Tiziana of Mayotte Premiere TV

The school gang - FH8NX, FH4VOS, TO7BC

Mt. Choungui, one of the highest montain on Mayotte with a nice view on all the island - Baobab on the beach - Sunset at Tsingoni

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