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Victor M Paul

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lookups: 15888

For those who worked me in the contest and want to listen to audio of your QSO from the link down the page, I just discovered I had a few visits from Murphy.

It turns out that a few of the ~4000+ audio files didn't get recorded properly. A number of 40m QSO files appear to be the same 45 seconds of audio that just kept getting new file names attached to it. Something in the QSORDER program got stuck likely due to RFI into a USB cable, an issue I've had before on the low bands. In other cases the program just stopped and nothing got recorded. I actually caught some of those while operating and got QSORDER restarted, but sometimes not before a few QSOs got missed. The time periods where QSO audio is not available are as follows:

Oct 28: 0222-0439Z, 0449-0457Z, 0500-0501Z, 0625-0629Z, 0707-0708Z, and 2344-2359Z, and on Oct 29 0000-0001Z and a couple QSOs at 1134Z.

********************** Oct 2017 (CQ WW SSB Contest) & RTTY *********************************

I flew back to Belize Oct 26 and was on the air Oct 27-Oct 31. I worked the CQ WW SSB contest that weekend, making over 4000 QSOs. While I operated all bands 160-10m, I focused on 15m and filed my log as Single Op, Single Band 15 Assisted. The log submitted contained the QSOs from all the other bands, so if you worked me on other than 15m, fear not, you are in the log.

As I did in the WPX SSB contest in March, I recorded all (well almost all, see above) of the contest QSOs and have made them available for you to listen to. See the section below where you can plug in your callsign and listen. QSL's available direct to my home QTH in Texas (with SASE for USA, SAE and $2 elsewhere) or via ClubLog. Bureau requests are fine too.

********************************* Sept 2017 (CQ WW RTTY) & SSB *******************************

I was back in Belize again for the CQ WW RTTY contest. I made over 1500 RTTY QSOs and just under 1.7 million points as a SOAB(A) HP entry. Ran some SSB pileups the following Monday. All QSO's for this trip have now (Sept 26) been uploaded to Club Log. I plan on going back for the CQ WW SSB contest at the end of October. QSL info below. Direct QSL requests via Club Log may be held until late October and mailed out from Belize with some nice Belizean stamps when I go back again for the CQ WW SSB contest.


QSL UPDATE: A batch of cards to go out via the bureau was dispatched Sept 30, 2017.


Iflew back toBelize again on March 23, 2017 and was QRV March 24-28 including a SOAB(A) HP entry in the CQ WPX SSB contest from the Maya Hill Lodge ham shack. I made over 2500 QSOs in the contest, ~5.7 million points depending on log checking.

I recorded most of my contest QSO's with K3IT's very cool QSOrder program and now that thelog submission deadline for the WPX contest has passed, I'm making them accessible here. I didn't get all the contest QSO's recorded but did get most of them. The ones that didn't get recorded are QSO #1108-1122 (10 meters), QSO #1724-1733 (40 meters), QSO #2476 (40 meters) and QSO #2477-2498 (20 meters).

Enter your callsign (including any /m, /w4 etc.) in the box below and hear what you sounded like in Belize.

Search contest QSO recordings archive:

Outside the contest I did some RTTY as well.

Last QSO was at 0312Z 28 March.

OQRS for V31VP is available on Club Log. All QSOs from this trip have been uploaded to club log. I plan on being back in Belize in late May.

Sorry, I'm not set up for LoTW nor eQSL.

QSL direct or via bureau to my home call: WB0TEV

If you just send a postcard or a QSL card without an SASE or no $ for return postage, my card to you will get sent via the QSL buro.

If you are looking for a great place to stay and operate ham radio in Belize, I highly recommend the Maya HillLodge run by Monika Scholz and her OM Dr. Andre Scholz(V31DL/DL1AS). [she runs the lodge, he runs the ham shack :-) ]


I was QRV in Belize Feb 9-14, 2017 including an entry in the CQ WPX RTTY contest (made 1400 QSOs). QSO's from the contest and some additional RTTY and SSB ones prior to 0444Z 14 Feb have been uploaded to club log.

I plan to return to Belize March 23-28 for the CQ WPX SSB contest. I will try to do some RTTY with a focus on Asia before and after the contest.


Victor (WB0TEV / V31VP)


I was QRV from Blackman Eddy Village (west of Belmopan) Oct 7-11, 2016 including an entry in the North American SSB Sprint and portions of the Makrothen RTTY contest. 814 QSOs have been uploaded to Club Log. QSL cards arrived from the printer (UX5UO) Nov 14 and QSL requests are now being fulfilled.




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