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Robert Busch

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lookups: 40910

Future & recent operations:

2017:V34AO(Nov 18-30, 2017)> Holiday & CQWW CW Contest operation from Belize
QTH: Hopkins; QTH Loc: EK56UU;GPS: 88 16' 59" W, 16 51' 41" N
Location: A Mayan Heaven, Hopkins, Belize
operating "holiday style" mainly during the local evening and night hours...
Rig: Elecraft K2 with 100 watts, Palm Radio Mini Paddle
Ant: Vertical dipoles (10m-20m), Lambda/4 Groundplanes (30m/40m), Inverted L (80m) plus an extension coil for 160m
Since I am a member of the National Geographic Society I want to discover the world myself. If you like to follow the roughly 2,000 km track of my Maya adventure you can do that here on Google Maps.
I do have a licence for the regular callsign V31EO valid until 2021. However, I have applied for the short term special callsign V34AOwhich I can use from Nov 1 until Dec 1. A copy of my V31EO licence can be found here.A copy of the V34AO side letter can be foundhere.
Please stand by when I call a certain callsign, this speeds up the whole pile-up. I will stick to that call until I am sure I have copied it correctly. Please: QRM is not helpful at this point (calling in and disturbing the QSO will move you further up my ignore list). I will try to work as many stations as possible. Thank you for your patience!
Since I am using only limited equipment I am very interested to know how my signal sounds on your side of the pile-up. If you have the possibility to make a small digital audio recording of my signal (especially on the lowbands but also on the highbands) I appreciate it very much if you can send me a small compressed MP3 file to the following mail address: so I can listen to it when I return home.
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2015:YJ4AO(Dec 27-Jan 13, 2016)> Holiday operation from Vanuatu
QTH: Efate Island; QTH Loc: RH42EE;GPS: 168 20' 58" E, 17 47' 52" S
Location: Eratap Beach Resort, Eratap Point, Port Vila, Vanuatu
IOTA: OC-035 WLOTA: 1051 Ten-X: 23450
My wife and I always dreamed of visiting the South Pacific only once in our lifetime and we were very happy to be able to do this trip.
This was a special DXpedition celebrating my 40th birthday, my 10th wedding anniversary and my 25th anniversary on the air (a little late because it was already in 2013). For this reason I obtained the special callsign YJ4AOwhich is a reminiscenceto my very first callsign Y24AO. A copy of my YJ4AO licence can be found here.

Google 360 degree panorama of my QTH: (click on pic!)

If you like to see how beautiful the location of my QTH really was please check following drone videos:
Drone flight around my QTH at the tip of peninsula
Drone flight over Eratap Beach Resort, Vanuatu
Drone flight of antenna setup:
1st fiberglass pole: Vertical dipoles for 20m-10m
2nd fiberglass pole: Groundplanes for 30m/40m and feeding pointfor 80m Inverted L
3rd aluminium pole attached to tree: Support for Inverted V for 160m
I have put up an Inverted L for 80m (attached to my 40+ radials) which runs intothe next tree. With the help of Rod, YJ8RN, we have erected another 15m pole at a third tree which supports an Inverted V for 160m running along the beach. Unfortunately there has been a major solar eruption recently which makes it almost impossible to work on 160m/80m from this end of the world. Let's hope the conditions improve again soon. Furthermore I have got a lotof local QRM on 160m/80m/40m (up to S9+) sometimeswhich limits the reception of weak signals. I'll try my best.

2015:I5/DL7VOA (Aug 17-28) > Holiday operation from Tuscany (Italy)
QTH: Radicondoli (SI); QTH Loc: JN53MG; GPS: 11 2' 37" E, 43 15' 43" N

2014:J34O (Nov 22-Dec 6)> Holiday & CQWW CW Contest operation fromGrenada
QTH: Crochu Bay; QTH Loc: FK92EB;GPS: 61 38' 7" W, 12 3' 19" N
Location: Cabier Ocean Lodge, Crochu, St. Andrews, Grenada
IOTA: NA-024 WLOTA: 0718

J34O panorama: (click on pic!)

Google 360 degree panorama: (click on pic!)

For 80m & 160m I (usually) have no antenna that fits on my 10m fiberglass pole of DX-Wire. I feel that is not necessary for a simple lightweight holiday DXpedition that fits in my suitcase.
However I built a very experimental quick'n'dirty extension coil for my 40m groundplane just for the fun of it using an old Fanta bottle (Coke was out but the bottles are available anywhere in the world). Fine tuning can be done by filling water in it. Many people say thiscan't work on these bands with only 10m of simple wire on top of it but hey, they were all wrong. At least on 80m it works much better than I expected. More than 50 countries worked with 100 watts in the CQWW CW 2014 including several ZLs (ODX >13,500 km) is just enough to prove they were all wrong. Well, to be honest it is not that good on 160m. But for short distances it is ok and I even managed a contact with Europe from here... Check out the picture of the coil below. If you hear me calling on 80m or 160m please give me a call. I will appreciate that very much.
Very experimental 80m/160m extension coil for my 40m groundplane: simple wire on a Fanta bottle.
Worked extremely well on 80m but much worse on 160m, hi:
(click all photos to enlarge)
Update: Results of CQWW DX CW Contest 2014 Classic overlay:Single Operator / All Band
#1 Grenada #2North America #3World

Focus: Fun, Fun, Fun achieved by using the strategy: Calling CQ only and don't caring about multipliers (not one QSO was S&P)

2014:I5/DL7VOA (Aug 11-21) > Holiday operation from Tuscany (Italy)
QTH: Lama (AR); QTH Loc: JN53XP;GPS: 11 58' 13" E, 43 38' 48" N
2014:EA8/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Lanzarote (Canary Islands)
QTH: Montaa Roja; QTH Loc: IL38BU;GPS: 13 52' 11" W, 28 52' 11" N
IOTA: AF-004 WLOTA: 0099 DIE: S-007 EAA: GC
2013: 6V7D> QSL via DL7VOA (2013 only) > Holiday operation from Senegal
QTH: near Toubab Dialaw; QTH Loc: IK14KN; GPS: 17 8' 23" W, 14 34' 46" N
Location: Htel de charme "La Pierre de Lisse"
2013: EA8/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Tenerife (Canary Islands)
2012: EA8/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Tenerife (Canary Islands)
2012: SV9/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Crete, QRP only
2006:FS/DL7DF> Operator of Sigi's Two-Country-DXpedition to French St. Martin, Caribbean
2006:PJ7/DL7DF> Operator of Sigi's Two-Country-DXpeditionto Dutch Sint Maarten, Caribbean
1995: 4U0ITU> Operator during CQ WW Contest, CW
1995: SV5/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Rhodos Island (Dodecanese)
1993: HB/DL7VOA> Holiday operation from Liechtenstein
1991: HB/Y24AO> Holiday operation from Liechtenstein
1988-1992: Y24AO> My first callsign from German Democratic Republic (GDR)


My name is Rob and I was born in 1976. Being first licensed at the age of 12 I started amateur radio as Y24AO from East Berlin on June 11, 1988. I was "infected" by my father (then Y25AO, now DL7VOB)but I learned this hobby also from Roy, DL7UBA, Bob, DJXC, and Lar, DL3TD. While working from DJXC's QTH I soon realized what my true challenge is: DX & Contesting, preferably in CW. So I decided to participate in major contests and to conduct my first DXpedition as HB/Y24AO in 1991. When I returnedto Liechtenstein as HB/DL7VOA in 1993 I logged some 6,500 QSOs in about one week and realized how fascinating pile ups can be from the other end...

I had a little break in DXpeditioning but lately I have obtained an Elecraft K2 (100 watts) and re-designed my portable layout for minimum size and weight so it fits in regular flight luggage. Now I am enjoying low budget DXpeditions during the holidays with my wife Natalie. So please understand that most activities are conducted in "holiday style" during the local evening and night hours (mainly in CW) when my wife is asleep. My favourite bands are the lowbands so listen there, too.

In 1996 I decided to study Media Business Administration at the Technical University in Ilmenau and since then I am also operating in the major contests as DFHQ respectively as DAHQ during the IARU HF World Championships in mid-July.

I translated the DARC DX Newsletter from German into English language and distributed this DX bulletin worldwide via internet and packet radio from 1993 until 2013.

Until now I have worked more than 300 DXCC entities and have a few less confirmed. Since I am very busy with work and family I am now operating only during major contests or during my holidays. Please allow me a few weeks after returning from a DXpedition to design and print my QSL cards (due to my busy QRL).

Did you get to know what you wanted to know? Fine! If not, just send me an e-mail to and I try to answer as many questions as I can.

Have fun and don't forget: DX is!

73s de Rob, DL7VOA

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