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Alexander M Kasevich

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 7461

There is a slight correction to my address.

7008 Wildwood Lane Ne, should read: 7008 Wildwood Lane NE


I have all my log books for the listed operations. If you need a QSL confirmation I would be glad to respond to your requests. Send your request to W1CDC, please include the following.

U.S. Hams : SASE, direct only. NO BUREAU.NO IRC's.

All other Hams: SAE with two U.S.D. NO IRC's, COINS, OR STAMPS.

Bureau OK.

PJ9CDC 1975-1976

VP2MBC 1977-1979

PJ8USA 1978

VP2MM 1979-1989

W1CDC/V2A 1983

W1CDC/8R1 1990

8R1A 2011-Present day.

V4/W1CDC 2017

DXers Please do NOT send me QSLs for 8R1AK, 8R1Zor VP2MMM contacts. I am not their manager.


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