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Shuji Yamanishi

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 6434

How to get your QSL cards

- Direct Cards

Direct cards should be sent to:

Shuji Yamanishi (JA1FMN)
72-83-203 Toyoshiki, Kashiwa-city
Chiba 277-0863 Japan


  • Ensure that the QSO information on your card is clear and correct.
  • Enclose a good quality self-addressed envelope of sufficient size and strength for the number of return cards expected...( min. 140 mm x 90 mm and max.235 mm x 125 mm)
  • 3 x US$ for all Asia and for the Rest of the World.
    This will cover the cost of sending the cards .
  • QSL's received with insufficient postage coverage,will be answered via QSL buro.
    All direct QSL-cards will be replied to within 48 hours.

- eQSL (AG)

- Online QSL Requests

- Donation

  • Your Donation is Welcome, the funds will also be used for the Next DX-Peditions, TNX
  • Running a DXpedition is a very expensive business and you are invited to make a donation towards the cost of the operation. None of the donated funding will go to any individual member of the team; members are paying all of their own travel, accommodation, insurance and food costs and are making a substantial contribution towards logistics. Your donation will be used to fund the balance of the costs of logistics, equipment, fuel, ancillary equipment, shipping, equipment insurance together with Customs and other essential paperwork.
  • The Next DX Pedition in 2018By the PSK63, JT65A, JT9, FT8 in V6(Micronesia) or KH2(Guam) I plan DX Pedition.
  • I would like cooperation to let Next DX Pedition succeed.
  • In the Digital Mode DX Pedition Area, KH0(Saipan), KH2(Guam), KH8(American Samoa ),
    T8(Palau), V6(Micronesia), FO, P29, YB, XUetc is possible.
  • Postal Donation Click here to make a postal donationinSterling
Your Callsign:

If you do not have a PayPal account but a valid email address,
please send us an email with the subject 'PP request Micronesia DX Pedition 2015 -
'yourcall' and the amount of money you would like to donate. In return,
we will send you a money request through PayPal,
simply follow the steps outlined in the mail you receive.

-Special Tnanks for Support to:
Big THANK YOU to all Supporters of our DX Pedition. Thanks for your Friendship.
W9ILY John Holmes
DJ8NT Horst Bacher
IZ8XQC Antonio Lodato
K1ST Steven k Tolf
Dr. Saint George
DC1RK Ronald Kaluza
DL7UDA Dietmar Rummel
IK2DJV Romeo L Codari
OE3AKB Schicksbier Andreas
F4HEN Lefevre Laurent
WH6EEY Eric Brundage
SV1NJW George Moustakas
DK3PZ Hans Matthes
N4GBK William Garwood
VA3NQ Gilbert Provost
KF2TGeorge Molnar
N9IXD Martin Zander
W9KVR Troy J.Simpson
IZ5KDD Paolo Bronzini
OE6MDF Markus Dully
N6CPL Chris Wolfe
W4ID Richard W Cooke
IZ8FFA Felice Parpiglia
EA1AUS Javier Bermejo Adanero
R0CAF Sergey Toropkov
HL5FAM Park Kae-ji

- Any Questions

  • Contact "Shu" JA1FMN (at) JARL.COM


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