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Vimy Commemorative Station Society

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VE100VIMY is the call sign issued by Industry Canada, to identify station(s) which commemorates the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought in France in April 1917. On that occasion, Canadian soldiers fighting as a cohesive unit, succeeded in capturing this strategic point, which had resisted previous French and British attempts to take it.

The long term significance of this victory was not a strategic one, but rather one of national identity. At the time, of WWI Canada was a Dominion of the British Empire, with no power to make its own foreign policy. Nonetheless, Canadian men had flocked to recruiting stations to support "Mother Britain". The Vimy success awakened a sense of national identity in Canadians which has been described as "the moment when Canada leapt in spirit from colony to nation".

After the Great War, France ceded to Canada, a territory amounting to 107 hectares (250 acres), at the top of the Ridge. This space is now a Parks Canada National Historic site dominated by the monument above. The centenary of the battle will be marked by formal ceremonies on April 9th, 2017, which will be held at the monument's base, and be attended by Heads of State.

The call sign was activated 0000 UTC January 1, 2017 from Nova Scotia as "VE100VIMY/VE1" and has continued from each Canadian call area, one week at a time until the end of March. About 38,000 QSOs were logged. Expect a delay of 10-14 days for logs to be collected, collated and uploaded to Club Log and eQSL and 4 weeks for LOTW. THE FULL SUFFIX of the portable zone, e.g. /VE1 MUST BE PROVIDED for QSL purposes. A Certificate and award program is in place. For full details and the the dates see:

QSL cards are on order. See the photo above for the draft.

Since March 31 and until April 9, 2017 the commemoration is continuing from Vimy Ridge, France with two stations fully staffed for 24 hour operation. Modes are CW, SSB and RTTY on all hf ham bands. Rigs are K3s, KPA 500s with Spiderbeam yagis, verticals and dipoles. As the Canadian Government agreed to cede policing to the French Government several years ago, French Law applies at the Vimy Monument and a French call sign must be used. The VE100VIMY Station Society will use TM100VIMY for its operating in France.

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